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Santa Barbara, Ventura County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
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S B 1258

By Michael Kurt "Stetty" Stettler

Candidate for United States Representative; District 24

This information is provided by the candidate
The 2006 Election process noted exploitable loop holes in election code. A State Senator filled in the gap.
When State Senator (R) of California initiated legislation back in March of this year 2006, there were four democratic candidates in the 24th congressional district that had pulled papers for U.S. Representative in Congress and one republican challenger.

The "Voter Protection" bill SB 1258 extends a five day period to any potential candidates who might decide to run for an unanticipated open seat.

The five day extension period has been enjoyed by candidates for state office, but existing election code did not afford this to federal candidates. After an incumbent announced that she / he would not seek re-election and attempted to withdraw, another candidate attempted to run for this unanticipated open seat.

Much to her / his dismay, other election codes limited this attempt. This would be Candidate had already declared candidacy for another office and CA election code does not allow candidates a run for two offices at one time.

Many Districts in California are ripe for change. With this bill being signed into law, the 2008 election cycle will endear potential federal candidates a descent respect for what remains of our electoral process.

Michael Stettler s t e t t y . t v Simple Economic National Solutions

With the past five years of the current administration behind us, We The People of the United States deserve better.

Partisan Politics has overshadowed any glimpse of real representation in our legislative bodies at all levels. People do not feel more secure in their papers and homes. The electronic era of record keeping has compromised our elections, bank accounts and personal information from Social Security to Veterans Affairs. The republican "Contract With America" from 12 years ago has left much to be desired.

The war in Iraq is a disaster. Our troops remain in harms way and live in tents in the desert at times without air-conditioning. This is a stark contrast to Haliburton employees staying in the five star Kempinski hotel and receiving daily fruit baskets. All this for the bargain basement price of 10,000 dollars a night, according to reports and a statement made on the floor of Congress by (D) Rep. Henry Waxman.

The condition of the Gulf States one full year after Katrina hit is a disaster. Procurement Spending Is Accelerating Rapidly. Contract Mismanagement Is Widespread and The Costs to the Taxpayer Are Enormous. When is the media going to disconnect from being a stooge for the Partisan Stage and provide real investigative reporting?

Michael Stettler; Veteran / Electrician / Caregiver / Congressional Candidate / Democrat. Paper Ballots, No more Bonds and People Count the Vote! CA 24th CD district 2006. FEC Committee: The Committee To Elect Michael Stettler FEC ID: H6CA24261

On November 7th 2006 Write-In Michael Stettler. A candidate for Congress standing by and of and for "We The People of these United States."

T C T E M S MAKES S E N S The Committee To Elect Michael Stettler makes SENS Simple Economic National Solutions

Document Crafted by: Michael Stettler

Write in Michael Stettler on November 7th 2006 For U.S. Representative in Congress.

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