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Santa Barbara, Ventura County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Full Biography for Michael Kurt "Stetty" Stettler

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 24

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I am an only son, adopted by a Swiss man and German woman who fled Europe after WW II. Kurt and Annamarie had two daughters at the time. My younger sister of 8 months then came into the picture and we looked like twins, blond, blue and the best kids in the world, aren't yours too? I lived in Ojai, CA USA when the election season started in January. I now register to vote in Ventura. I grew up and went to school K-12 in Huntington Beach, CA and after a tour in the U.S. Navy at Pt. Mugu i decided to stay.

I found The Gold Coast beautiful with its rocky coast to the south and north, rich agriculture and mountain ranges surrounding the area. I love my country and stand firmly in the American Intellectual Tradition. Represented by our founding fathers at the conception of what the United States was to become.

I am a total optimist that people have the ability to change, and the current escalation of wars and associated affairs have got to get people thinking like citizens of the greatest nation there ever was. Physical Principles represented in the Pre-Amble of the U.S Constitution are what need to be recognized by those who wish to ensure justice and liberty for all.

These things represent my occupation. I am an electrician by trade. I am single, no kids, i love golf, i surf, skateboard, snowboard and love people in general.

A Poem A tit for tat, I tip my hat and go merrily along my way. I hum a tune to shield from gloom all about my day.

I breeze through work, that drives others bizerk, while standing on my head, Trying to remember, "whose birthday is in September?" and kind things others have said.... like,

'You gotta do this and you gotta do that and never go astray, Pay your dues, taxes and bills, and pay them without fray.'

`For three car garages, wall to wall carpet and a brand new sub zero kitchen,' I scratch my head... hmmm... "S U Vees, and stock options pa leeeezzze, is this all really bitchen?"

But lo, the cries, the lies, "Are we dignified while many people are dying?" I think again, "what is sin?" and "are we all going to wind up in Hell frying?"

40 40 40 40

An answer

But in the Noosphere, i fear my dear, i see within the answers clear. With science repressed and people obcessed, how can discussion be united in QWEST?

Should answers of doubt and how to be led, descend to the forums of all talking heads? With answers that ruin and further bequeth, dark and gloomy, torn and tatered, weed run wreaths?

To society, our posterity and nations we gave, from this, LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE?

This is original written for the Who's Who by Michael Stettler 24MAY04

Conflict and war are not the natural state of affairs among men and nations in a civilized world.

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