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Santa Barbara, Ventura County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Michael Kurt "Stetty" Stettler

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 24

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American System of Political Economy is a part of our national history.

Essentially, 50% of the revenue generated by taxes and tariffs goes back into infrastructure development. This can be any geographical area or area of need around the nation.

The simple part of this approach is fixing interest rates and prices through Regulation. The advantage to this approach is long-term, meaningful spending on things that have a life cycle of 25-50 years. Deregulation, Outsourcing, Globalization and Free Market Ideologies have all but destroyed this approach. This Free Market approach has brought us the wild-eyed profiteering associated with the Crooked "E" in Enron, and fosters zero accountability.

Profit is the primary objective, conditions of life, people and delivering the services are not.

The difficult part is educating the population and believing we can do it, and do it now. The Gulf States are a perfect geographical area in dire need of infrastructure development and this approach. This will create thousands of jobs, get commerce moving again and bring people back to their properties.

For example; Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Highways, Water Ways and Water Systems, Rail Systems, Power Generation and Transmission Systems, Levies, Locks and Dams.

Making these types of investments safe by earmarking credit, fixing interest rates and yields on these treasury notes / credits for 25-50 years, investors can count on returns and the public can be sure that the projects will have useful, local and long-term purpose.

Davis Bacon (Federal Project wage scales based on a court case precedence and prevailing wages in local area)

It is the greatest creative potential of our government to project in periods of this measure. It takes around 20-25 years for a society to develop a productive participant in economy and the workforce.

i.e. having a child, raising the child up through college and that child entering into the workforce as a creative, productive participant with unique qualities.

A participant who is challenged by his / her work, and can openly add to the process of development is an orientation of society's workforce that is of benefit to more than just a few.

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