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San Diego County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
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Why Belitz

By Rich Belitz

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 77

This information is provided by the candidate
Belitz's positions will be of interest to many people who have traditionally supported other parties.
Rich Belitz recognizes that there are people who have certain issues that are important to them, and that some of these issues are from other political parties. However, not all parties or organizations have the same values as the people who support them for single-issue reasons. That is why some of Belitz's positions will be of interest to many people who have traditionally supported other parties.


Although they may not realize it, the Libertarian philosophy is more consistent with their views than the actual Democratic Party's platform and practices. Rich Belitz would:

Promote the development of alternative fuels, recycled products, and environmental innovation End Prohibition and its ill-advised and disastrous "War on Drugs"

Supports free speech and opposes restrictions being put on the advertising, presentation and obtaining of books, music and films

Supports complete separation of church and state, getting government out of the marriage business and leaving religious sacraments to the churches that originate them

Supports equal treatment of all people under the law

Opposes racism in any form for any reason

Opposes state control over abortion

Opposes the draft

Supports the repeal of state mandates and controls over schools; this system ruins education and holds all schools to the same standards despite their different means and demographics

Supports the option of the ill to use medical marijuana


Why Rich Belitz is the best candidate for rational Republicans:

Oppose more taxes

Oppose mega bonds to balance the state budget

Uncompromising support of the individuals' right to keep and bear arms

Maintaining a strong military for the purpose of defense of the United States

Back initiatives protecting rights of private property

Respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

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