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San Diego County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
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By Rich Belitz

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 77

This information is provided by the candidate
As a small business owner Rich Belitz has first hand knowledge on the problems facing California and will work for:

-Balanced Budgets:

The two older parties are great at spending more and more of your money, and getting us deeper and deeper into debt. Belitz opposes runaway state spending, and will push for government reforms. What California has now is government controlled monopolies trying to perform services that should be provided by the free market. Belitz will start the move away from wasteful big government to specialized small businesses that perform better and are more cost effective. Belitz believes that competition in the free market will bring us the highest quality and better services for our tax dollars.

-A Business Friendly atmosphere:

Too many businesses are leaving southern California due to big government taxes and regulations. Belitz will turn this around by reducing taxes and eliminating state regulatory laws. This will attract new businesses to California.


Belitz would improve the government monopoly school system without more spending, by repealing state mandates and controls over schools; this system ruins education and holds all schools to the same standards despite their different means and demographics. Belitz would also encourage competition in the free market through tax deductions and tax incentives for schools and parents that enroll their children in non government schools. California kids deserve the benefits of competition.

-Tax Reform:

Belitz opposes more taxes and state mega bonds for unnecessary government projects.

Freedom or Big Government? You Decide!

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