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Contra Costa County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
Smart Voter

It is time to fix the "fixed" system

By Sean White

Candidate for Supervisor; County of Contra Costa; Supervisorial District 2

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Is it right that corporations and the uber-rich control election outcomes? Are you controlled by them if their campaign contributions cause you to vote for their candidate? I urge people to think beyond the campaign money.

In order to get the word out, I am encouraging people to make their own signs. I believe that the mass produced expensive signs that are financed by special interest groups have no substance and that making your own sign says so much more.

I am calling this "A Good Sign Campaign"

Below are some examples and some links for downloadable signs that you can modify. I do encourage you to make your own sign even if you support someone else. It shows thought.

Here are downloadable signs that you can post anywhere:

Click the link below for editable signs and more:

These signs are paid for by nobody!

Here are some of the signs that people have made and you can use:

These signs were made by volunteers.

Here are some statements about what this campaign is all about:

Money in Politics can only be counteracted by educating people on how elections are with special interest money and by voting for candidates that do not use special interest money.

Please post these signs and let your neighbors know that they do not have to let special interests rule the political scene.

Everyone knows that money financing elections is the cause of most of our problems. Now is your chance to do something about it. With the advent of the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, it is more obvious that corporate campaign donations are controlling politicians and the workings of our county and country. The cure for this problem is the people taking action and understanding that those donations feed junk mail and junk signs that are meant to brainwash us.

Sean White for Supervisor 2012

Sean is running for Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor in the California June 5th 2012 Presidential Primary election.

Sean's main platform this election season is to further expose the effects that money has on politics and to offer an alternative choice than of politicians that survive by accepting legalized bribes (campaign contributions) from those who expect favors back once they get elected.

Here is a list of some of the sources of the bribes:

1. Developers looking to have an edge over the average citizen
2. Refineries looking to make record profits again
3. Lawyers
4. Real Estate Executives
5. Unions
6. Contractors (I am a contractor)

Blaming these business for taking advantage of the system is not going to help. Fixing the system is the only way to have a system where politicians represent the people rather than the donators.

I challenge the voters in this community to be smarter than the junk mail and side of the road signs and to vote for a candidate with real solutions to the political problems that we face today.

I suggest that we have an even the playing field where 1 person gets 1 vote as was intended by our founding fathers, rather than the $1000 one vote system that has developed, especially with the Supreme Court Decision Citizens United, which decided that money was free speech.

Money in this society is becoming more and more scarce among the average person and more concentrated among the fraction of a percent CEO's of multinational corporations who are sending the jobs offshore, along with their money in Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts.

We have seen during this "great recession" banks getting bailed out, homeowners losing their homes to the banks and hard working people losing their jobs, benefits, pensions, tuition and standards of living. All the while, the super-rich mega millionaires are getting richer at a faster pace than ever and claiming that we aren't giving them enough, so that it can trickle down better. They say that their mega millionaire tax brackets, which are lower than any time in history are not low enough for the trickle down effect to kick in.

All the while these mega millionaires are making sure that the politicians are working for them through the ever loosing campaign finance system, which was given to them by one of the most famous 5-4 Supreme Court decisions in history.

Want to make a difference? Vote for Sean White for Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor June 5, 2012.

Sean will work hard to expose the underhanded ownership of politicians by those that finance the junk mail that you are too smart to fall for any more.

Show that you are not fooled by a campaign sign with nothing but a name on it or an irrelevant slogan that you have seen year in and year out. You know that the sign was paid for by someone who wants to take advantage of you and change policy to selfishly benefit themselves.

It is time to see through the facade and to vote for someone who is sincere.

Thank you,

Sean White

In an article in the Contra Costa Times, it says that I have a very small chance of winning since I am not raising money in this election. Historically this seems to be the case, however society is changing at warp speed and people are tired of corporations and the extremely wealthy (we are not talking regular millionaires here) controlling the political system.

I believe that the time has come for citizens to stand up the the brainwashing techniques used by expensive political campaign consultants and for citizens to vote against candidates that are beholden to these "special interests".

Today, we have the internet to get the word out and people are getting smarter, than to believe campaign advertisements. Let me ask you: Do you believe what campaign advertisements say? Are you swayed by a pretty campaign sign with nice colors and no substance? If you drive by the sign more, does that make you more likely to vote for that candidate? Are you glad that corporations are giving candidates money, so that they can afford to put up these signs and "educate" you with them?

I urge you to stand up for what is right and to vote for a candidate that is not paid for.

If what the reporter is saying is right, then we live in a plutocracy.

I am not arguing with the reporter and historically she is correct, but I believe it is time for the voters to see past the paid for campaigns and make them a thing of the past.

This campaign was paid for by no one.

The Smart Voter website is free to candidates.

Thank you for listening

Here is a link to the article that I am referring to and the second half is about yours truly.

Here is what it said about me in the article:

"AND FINALLY: The odds that Contra Costa supervisor candidate Sean White will win in June are likely on par with Ron Paul's chances of needing a sock drawer in the White House. Why? White calls campaign contributions the root of all evil in politics and says he won't accept a dime. But he has something better than money: He is a San Francisco Comedy College graduate. It is already helping. At a recent candidate forum, White's quips drew laughs and afterward, people buzzed about the "funny guy." If humor is good for politicians and politics is good for humor, as White says, then perhaps comedy could help his campaign. At a taping of "The Colbert Report," White says he asked host Stephen Colbert "not to support me with his evil SuperPAC money." "But I may have been secretly hoping that he would defy me." Now, that's funny."

Vote every election and see through the facade of special interest money, not just in this election, but in all elections. Get involved and make a difference. It feels good.


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