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Contra Costa County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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The solution is to vote for a candidate who is not paid for by special interests

By Sean White

Candidate for Supervisor; County of Contra Costa; Supervisorial District 2

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The political system today depends on raising money from special interests looking for favorable legislation. The only solution is to vote for a candidate who is not paid for by these special interests. Another priority is to support Jerry Brown's solution for getting us out of the budget mess. California cannot afford to give billionaires a pass when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes.
Getting money out of politics is my first priority & progress cannot be made with money controlling elections.

I believe that if our founding fathers were here today, they would be horrified to see the influence that money has on political campaigns. If they could foresee the freedom of speech inherit in the Internet, they would have left money out of politics completely.

When I ran for this same office in 2000, my opponent raised $100,000 from refineries, developers, foreclosure firms, etc & placed many trees into your mailboxes to defeat me. Please do not let this happen again.

I believe that my neighbors are too smart to believe empty junk mail slogans. Did you know I could pay to be on Republican & Democratic slates at the same time?

I will be your advocate to ride the wave that takes money out of politics. Global movements often start at the local level. It is obvious that our national leaders are not going to tackle this critical issue anytime soon.

I will start by demonstrating, with your help, that it is possible to win an election without campaign contributions (legalized bribes). This transparent campaign will consist of this $3000 statement, the $1000 filing fee, free press, social media & your conversations with your neighbor.

Another big issue is that the wealth of this country is increasing for the top fraction of a percent while at the same time most everyone else is suffering. Education is becoming more expensive and the California college systems are out of funds. Community college and university funds are drying up. Jerry Brown's solution for raising money for the state needs to be supported. He showed how he could win an election against a billionaire and now it is time to make the billionaires pay their fair share.


I am a renewable energy professor, small business owner, chiropractor, electrician & solar contractor. I have a grasp on a broad range of issues from healthcare, to building permits and energy.

Vote Sean White!

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