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Los Angeles County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Mike Feuer

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 42

This information is provided by the candidate


Action Democrats of the San Fernando Valley
American Federation of Teachers / University Council
Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Beverly Hills Education Association
Beverly Hills Firemen's Association
California Association of Highway Patrolmen
California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)
California Federation of Teachers
California League of Conservation Voters
California State Council of SEIU
California Teachers Association
Capitol Area Political Action Committee
CWA Local 9000
CWA Southern California Council
Democratic Party / San Fernando Valley
Democratic Women of the San Fernando Valley
Democrats For Change
Hollywood Highland Democratic Club
Laborers' International Union of North America, Local 300
Laborers' International Union of North America, Local 777
Los Angeles County Young Democrats
Los Angeles Police Command Officers Association
Los Angeles Police Protective League
Los Angeles Probation Officers' Union, AFSCME, Local 685
Los Angeles Times
Mexican American Bar Association
NALC Letter Carriers Local 24
Operating Engineers, Local 12
Pacific Palisades Democratic Club
San Fernando Valley Chapter, NOW
SEIU, Local 434B, Long Term Care Workers
Sherman Oaks Democratic Club
Sierra Club
SoCal Grassroots - Hollywood Region
Southern California Pipe Trades, District Council 16 and affiliated local unions
Teamsters Joint Council 42
UAW Region 5 CAP Council
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City
United Teachers / Los Angeles
Westside Grassroots Democratic Club

Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator
Xavier Becerra, Congressmember
Lucille Roybal-Allard, Congressmember
Linda Sanchez, Congressmember
Diane Watson, Congressmember
Alan Lowenthal, State Senator
Kevin Murray, State Senator
Jack Scott, State Senator
Karen Bass, State Assemblymember
Johan Klehs, State Assemblymember
Paul Koretz, State Assemblymember
Lloyd Levine, State Assemblymember
Tom Umberg, State Assemblymember
Kelly Candaele, Member, L.A. Community College Trustees
Mona Field, Member, Past President, L.A. Community College Trustees
Georgia Mercer, Member, Past Vice-President, L.A. Community College Trustees
Lee Baca, L.A. County Sheriff
Rocky Delgadillo, L.A. City Attorney
Laura Chick, L.A. City Controller
Tony Cardenas, L.A. City Councilmember
Eric Garcetti, President, L.A. City Council
Janice Hahn, L.A. City Councilmember
Jose Huizar, L.A. City Councilmember
Bill Rosendahl, L.A. City Councilmember
Greig Smith, L.A. City Councilmember
Jack Weiss, L.A. City Councilmember
Herb Wesson, L.A. City Councilmember
Dennis Zine, L.A. City Councilmember
Barry Brucker, Beverly Hills City Councilmember
Jimmy Delshad, Beverly Hills City Councilmember
Frank Fenton, Beverly Hills City Councilmember
Jon Lauritzen, L.A. School Boardmember
David Tokofsky, L.A. School Boardmember
Myra Lurie, Beverly Hills School Board President
Alissa Roston, Beverly Hills School Boardmember
Nooshin Meshkaty, Beverly Hills School Boardmember
Bill Bamattre, L.A. Fire Chief
Jeffrey Hubbard, Beverly Hills School Superintendent
Terry Tamminen, California Gubernatorial Cabinet Secretary; Past Secretary, Cal-EPA
Hon. Mel Levine, Congressmember
Hon. Conway Collis, State Board of Equalization
Hon. Lindsay Conner, Los Angeles Community College Boardmember
Hon. Alan Sieroty, State Senator
Hon. Richard Katz, Assemblymember
Hon. Jerry Fields, Superior Court Judge
Hon. Ed Edelman, L.A. County Supervisor
Hon. Rick Tuttle, L.A. City Controller
Hon. Cindy Miscikowski, L.A. City Councilmember
Hon. Joel Wachs, L.A. City Councilmember
Hon. Joy Picus, L.A. City Councilmember
Hon. Allan Alexander, Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Charles Aronberg, M.D., Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Les Bronte, Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Mark Egerman, Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Tom Levyn, Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Joe Tilem, Beverly Hills Mayor
Hon. Steve Martin, West Hollywood Mayor
Hon. Alan Viterbi, West Hollywood Mayor
Hon. Valerie Fields, L.A. School Boardmember
Hon. Virginia Maas, Beverly Hills School Board President
Hon. Warren Christopher, U.S. Secretary of State
Hon. Henry Cisneros, U.S. Secretary of Housing/Urban Development
Hon. Shirley Hufstedler, U.S. Secretary of Education
Hon. Aileen Adams, California Secretary of Consumer Affairs
Hon. Mary Nichols, California Resources Secretary
Elizabeth Badger, CEO/Founder, Minority Outreach Committee*
Moreen Blum, Past President, Sherman Oaks Democratic Club
Zedar Broadous, President, NAACP, San Fernando Valley Chapter*
Marilyn Bush, L.A. Commission on Children, Youth & Families (ret.)
Damian Carroll, President, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
Richard Close, President, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.*
Pam Cooke, Past President, Stonewall Democratic Club*
Asta Criss, President, Valley Glen Neighborhood Assn.*
Jeff Daar, Chair, Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley*
Jerry Daniel, Chairman, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy*
Paula Daniels, President, Heal the Bay*
Laurie Dinken, President, Valley Village Homeowners Assn.*
Edgar G. Dymally Tree People Board member*
Joe Edmiston, Executive Director, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy*
Joyce Foster, Past President Westwood Homeowners Assn.*
Tom Freeman, President, Canyon Back Alliance*
Simone Friedman, Chair, Beverly Hills Education Foundation*
Ken Gerston, Past President, Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council*
Madelyn Glickfeld, Assistant to the California Resources Secretary (ret.)
Gloria Victor Gold, Vice President, Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce*
Marilyn Grunwald, President, Sherman Oaks Democratic Club
Harald Hahn, President, Burton Way Homeowners Assn.*
Dean Hansell, member, L.A. Information Technology Commission; former member, L.A. Police Commission
Sean Hecht, Executive Director, UCLA Environmental Law Center*
Joe Hicks, Vice-President, Community Advocates*
Lorri Jean, CEO, Gay and Lesbian Center*
Eileen Kahn, Boardmember, Beverly Hills Education Foundation*
Carol Katzman, California State Board of Education (ret.)
Agi Kessler, 1st Vice Chair, Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley*
George Kieffer, Chairman, L.A. City Charter Commission (ret.)
Miriam Aroni Krinsky, Past President, L.A. City Ethics Commission
Paul Kujawsky, Past President, Democrats for Israel*
Andrew Lachman, President, Democrats for Israel*
Ann Reiss Lane, former member, L.A. Police Commission, L.A. Fire Commission
Mary Leslie, President, L.A. Business Council*
Barbara Lindemann, Past President, L.A. Police Commission
Cookie Lommel, Executive Director, Western Region, Jewish Labor Committee*
Tony Lucente, President, Studio City Residents Assn.*
Richard Maggio, Chair, West Hollywood Rent Stabilization Commission
Joe Mandel, Past President, L.A. County Bar Assn.*
Alejandro Mayorkas, former United States Attorney
Maxine Moshay, Executive Director, Beverly Hills Education Foundation*
David Nahai, Chairman, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board
Len Nguyen, VP Communications, Stonewall Young Democrats*
Angela Oh, former member, Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission
Andrea Sheridan Ordin, former United States Attorney
Joan Patsy Ostroy, President, Progressive Jewish Alliance*
Mary Pallant, President, Valley Democrats United*
David Phelps, Past President, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats*
Alex Ponder, former West Hollywood City Commissioner
David Pasternak, Past President, L.A. County Bar Assn.*
Patricia Phillips, Past President, L.A. County Bar Assn.*
Tom Quinn, Past Chair, California Air Resources Board
Rob Reiner, Chair, First Five California*
Janice Kamenir Reznik, Past President, California Women Lawyers*
Connie Rice, Past President, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commission
Robert A. Ringler, Vice-President, Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council*
Wendy-Sue Rosen, Chairwoman, Brentwood Community Council*
Irv Rosenfeld, Former President, Westwood Democratic Club*
Carmel Sella, Gay and Lesbian Center Boardmember*
Chris Shabel, President, Hollywood Highland Democratic Club
Dan Silver, M.D., Executive Director, Endangered Habitats League*
Richard R. Silverman, Former Chair, Fine Arts Commission, City of West Hollywood*
Terri Smooke, Special Advisor to the Governor (ret.)
Steve Twining, President, Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council*
Marcia Volpert, Past President, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commission
Mike Vorndran, President, Stonewall Young Democrats*
Paul Waters, Founder, Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Gay & Lesbian Caucus*
Polly Ward, President, Hillside Federation*
Michael Weinstein, President, AIDS Healthcare Foundation*
Howard Welinsky, Past President, Democrats for Israel*

David Abel & Brenda Levin
Lee Kanon Alpert
Honey Kessler Amado
Paul Amir
Laura Arciniega
Alexander Auerbach
Ed Avila
Hildy Baker
Bert Ball
Ed Begley, Jr.
Roy Behr
Arnie Berghoff
Barry and Susan Berk
Rochelle Blachman
Donna Black
Stanley Black
Craig Bloomgarden
Teri Bloomgarden
Leslie & David Bluestone,M.D.
Jane Blumenfeld
Roberta Boardman
Jan Breidenbach
Gerald Bronstein
David Burg
Susan Bursk
Lillian Burton
Dante Brown and Mike Leslie
Darrell Brown
Gerald & Ruby Bubis
Chris Caldwell and Rich Llewellyn
Tim Carmichael
Emily & Michael Chasalow
Carrie Chassin
Margaret (P.J.) & Jim Clark
Roger Coggan
Nancy Sher Cohen
Ellen & Marshall Colen
Jonathan Cookler
Bruce & Toni Corwin
David Cremin
Laurie David
Cary Davidson
Jon Davidson
Hugo D. deCastro
Tom & Denise Decker
Bert Deixler
Ezatollah Delijani
Michael Delijani
Bill & Barbara Hoff Delvac
Thomas Dempsey
John B. Emerson
Dan Emmett
Harvey Englander
Mitch Englander
Aaron Epstein
Mark Epstein
Jonathan Evans
Michael Eveloff
Jerry and Lorraine Factor
Judie Fenton
Steven and Dana Fenton
Melvin and Stella Feuer
Robert Feuer & Larry Tyndell
Richard Feuer and Abby Brown
Rabbi Harvey Fields and Sybil Fields
Tal Finney
Rick Fivekiller
Bonnie Flamer
Lee Frank
Howard Fredman
Ira Freeman
Alan Friedman
Andrew Friedman
Lester Friedman
Rob Gach
Sandy & Pat Train Gage
Shari and Sherman Gamson
Jim Garrison
Ed & Dee Gelb
Rabbi Laura Geller
Peer Ghent
Art Ginsberg
Cliff Gladstein
John & Judy Glass
Michael Glazer
Alexandra Glickman
Edna Glikmann
Mark Gold
Miriam & Art Gold
Valerie Gold
Ernest Goodman
Rob & Lori Goodman
Dorothy & Ozzie Goren
Leah Granof
Dorothy Green
Dan Greenberg
Chad Griffin
Marilyn, John & Richard Groper
Marlene & Marshall Grossman
Susan Grueneberg
David Grunwald
Marilyn and David Grunwald
Richard & Lois Gunther
Helen Hartman
Scott Harvey
Kam Hekmat
Pamela Henry
Marcia & Dr. Paul Herman
Leah Herzberg
Alan Horn
Ellis J. Horvitz
Kim Hunter
Ruth Hunter
Audrey Irmas
Rob Irmas
Rick Jacobs
Len Jacoby
Miriam Jaffe
Johnnie James
Wendy James
Paul Jennings
Maxene Johnston
Allan & Dorothy Jonas
Bob Kahan
Ken Kahan
Louis Kahn
Alisa & Kenneth Kaplan
Dr. Francine & Dr. Neal Kaufman
Patrick M. Kelly
Sam Kermanian
Sabrina Kim
Mary E. King
Sandra & Don King
G. Allan Kingston
Sandra Klasky
Paul & Phyllis Klein
Liz Knipe
David Koenig
Skip Koenig
Lyn & Laurie Konheim
Lawrence and Stacia Kopeikin
Glenn Krinsky
Greg & Nancy Laemmle
Luis & Lee Lainer
Mark Lainer
Mark Landow
Ann Reiss Lane
David Lash & Beth Becker
Betsy Laties
Allen Lawrence
Emil Lawton
Larry Layne
David Lehrer
Prof. Laurie Levenson
Marilyn Levin
Peachy and Mark Levy
Adi Liberman
Steven A. Lipman
Rita Lowenthal
Ericka Lozano
Joe Lumer
Richard Macias
Barry Maiten
Mikie Maloney
Joe and Jean Mandel
Alan Mangels
Steve Marenberg & Alison Whalen
Marvin Markowitz
Larry and Roz May
Ada Mayer
Sharon & Rick Mayer
Lucy McCoy
Dan McCrory
Grover McKean
Norra McReady
Steve Meister
George Mihlsten
Marsha Miller & Ralph Schub
Ovvie Miller
Rhonda Mills
George Minter
Janet Morris
George Moss
Richard Moss
Margie & Christopher Murray
David Myerson
Steve & Cathy Needleman
Lois and Richard M. Neiter
Jerry Neuman
Steve Nissen and Lyn Alvarez
Sandy Paris
Jacqueline Pearlson
Stacy Phillips
Marci Pine
Jeffrey S. Pop
Sharon Pregerson
Earl & Marcia Price
John Ptak
Laurence Pulgram & Kathleen Murray
Roseanna Purzycki
Stuart & Lillian Raffel
Kelly Hayes-Raitt
Bruce Ramer
Carolyn Ramsay & Andy Goodman
Irv Reifman
Cliff Reston
Joel Reynolds
John B. Richards
Doug Ring
Nancy Daly Riordan
Lynette Robe
Casey Robinson
Ron Rogers & Lisa Specht
Pauline & Joseph Romano
Susie Romano
Judith Rose
George I. Rosenthal
John Rubiner
Elise Rudin
Thomas Safran
Marc Sallus
Corrinne Sanchez
Casey & James Sater
Roberta & Don Schiller
Martin Schlageter
Toni & John Schulman
Michael B. Scott
Stanley Sheinbaum
Ruth M. Simon
Dan Silver
David Smith
Carolyn Dunlap Smith
Steve Soboroff
Amy Solomon
Stuart Solomon
Rita Spiegel
Philip Starr
Julie Steinberg
Dan Stormer
Nancy and Howard Sunkin
Kim Thompson
Paul Titcher
Stuart Tochner
Cynthia Torres & Michael Gisser
Thomas Tran
Rochelle D. Ventura
Gregory M. Vilken
Richard Villasenor
Robin & Mark Vogel
Marcia & Richard Volpert
Karen Wagener
Richard Walch
Jack & Belinda Walker
Lee Wallach
Joan Wallack
Doug Walters
Halbert S. Washburn
Paul Waters
Sandy & Karen Weiner
Dan Weinstein
David Weissberg
Chester Widom
Catherine Curry & Scott Williams
Scott Wilson
Jane Wishon
George Wolfberg
Stanley and Dorothy Wolpert
Mel Wynn
Chuck Yamarone
Adele Yellin
David Zebrack
Lester Ziffren
Richard Ziman
Daphne Zuniga

(* Titles for identification purposes only. No organizational endorsement implied.)

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