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Hamilton County, OH May 2, 2006 Election
Candidates Answer Questions on the Issues
County Commissioner; County of Hamilton; Democratic Party

The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area and asked of all candidates for this office.     See below for questions on Qualification, Prioities, Revitalize housing stock, Role of County Commissioner

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1. What are your Qualifications for Office? (50 word limit)

Answer from David A. Pepper:

I bring the experience of having been a leader on Cincinnati City Council at one of the most difficult periods of time the City has faced (getting on Council shortly after the riots of 2001). Despite that turmoil, I helped lead a new direction for improvement.

2. What plans do you have to address your top three priorities? (100 word limit)

Answer from David A. Pepper:

First things first, we will not achieve any of my priorities--or other important needs--unless we replace the failed leadership at the County Commission. Closed door meetings, fierce partisanship, fiscal recklessness, the failure to cooperate, and arrogance are leading to absolutely horrible results. I will dramatically alter the very approach of County government to set long-term, common sense priorities, and achieve them.

3. Property quality is becoming a concern in Hamilton County's older suburbs. How can the County help these communities maintain and revitalize an aging housing stock? (150 word limit)

Answer from David A. Pepper:

The number one way is to continue and expand the HIP program that provides low interest loans for citizens to invest in the improvement of their home. We, both the County and individual jurisdictions, also need to do all we can to continue to invest in maintaining and upgrading critical infrastructure throughout the County--so that investments property owners make are not eroded by poor public infrastructure.

4. What should the residents of Hamilton County expect from a County Commissioner? (150 word limit)

Answer from David A. Pepper:

Leadership. Team work. The ability to work across party lines as well as jursidictional lines. A vision and plan to get it done. Openness and transparency. Accessibility.

Responses to questions asked of each candidate are reproduced as submitted to the League.  Candidates' statements are presented as submitted. Word limits apply for each question. Direct references to opponents are not permitted.

The order of the candidates is random and changes daily. Candidates who did not respond are not listed on this page.

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