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Alameda County, CA March 7, 2006 Election
Measure A
Rezoning of city owned property
City of Piedmont

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 3,717 / 89.5% Yes votes ...... 436 / 10.5% No votes

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Shall city owned property at 801 Magnolia Avenue be rezoned from single Family Residential to Public Facilities?

Impartial Analysis from Piedmont City Attorney
In 2004 the City purchased the real property at 801 Magnolia Avenue for public use, but due to its current zoning the property has not been available to the public since its purchase. The purpose of Piedmont Measure A is to change the zoning to allow the public practical access to and use of the property, which can only be achieved by approval of a majority of the voters.

Other than the expenses of the election itself and of the environmental study necessary before the Council could put the Measure on the allot, there are no specific expenses that can be definitely predicted if the Measure passes because such expenses will depend on what eventual specific uses for the property are finally determined by the Council out of the various possible uses that may be beneficial to the public. It is clear that whatever eventual uses are determined, there will be expenses involved in upgrading the buildings sufficiently to allow those specific public uses.

Before any specific uses are determined, the City council will have public discussions on a number of potential uses, and only after such discussions will final decisions be made by the Council In brief, passage of measure A is only the first step in a longer process, during which the pubic will have substantial input.

s/George S. Peyton, Jr.

City Attorney


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Arguments For Measure A
The city of Piedmont is squeezed for land within its borders. The City recently took advantage of a generous offer and completed the purchase of 801 Magnolia Avenue. To use this property for the good of the community, the land must now be rezoned under the Public Facilities Zone.

Our community has spoken. The needs are there. During seven public meetings, residents asked the City Council to consider the use of 801 Magnolia Avenue as space for additional children's programs, for the performing and visual arts, for public meeting areas, and for an informal gathering place. Any of these uses will be allowed if 801 Magnolia is designated under the Public Facilities Zone. Current zonig does not allow for any of these uses, now or in the future.

Voter YES on this Measure and you will allow the community to move forward in its decision on how 801 Magnolia Avenue can best meet the present and future space needs within our borders.

Vote YES to allow the City to add well-planned space to a seriously impacted area of our community through a careful and all-encompassing community input process.

Vote YES for a public facilit6y that serves children, teens, and seniors.

Vote YES for a public facility that can support performing arts and art education.

Please Vote Yes on Measure A.

s/Michael Bruck
Mayor, Piedmont City Council
s/Nancy McEnroe
Vice Mayor, Piedmont City Council
s/Ward Lindenmayer
President, Piedmont School board
s/Ralph Marinelly
President, Piedmont Historical Society
s/Cameron Wolfe, Jr.
Piedmont Volunteer

(No arguments against Measure A were submitted)

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