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State of California (Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, Yolo Counties) November 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Pamela Elizondo

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 1

This information is provided by the candidate

  • Green Party of Humboldt County:

"Pamela Elizondo won the Green Party primary on the North Coast due to her 400+ margin of victory amongst Humboldt's Green voters.

She presents a platform of shifting the tax burden to financial speculation, ending tax loopholes for corporations, reforming research and development spending priorities, legalizing marijuana and ending U.S. military occupations throughout Eurasia.

Her opponent, incumbent Mike Thompson, masquerades as a liberal Democrat. A glance at his record demonstrates that this does not stand up to scrutiny. He is a member of the "Blue Dog Coalition" of conservative Democrats, not the Progressive Caucus. He is consistent in his support of continued U.S. membership in organizations such as NAFTA, the WTO and the new FTAA which seek to weaken domestic laws protecting workers and the environment. His leadership of the Congressional Wine Caucus betrays his complete subservience throughout his career to rich agribusiness interests.

Thompson is personally responsible for the re-legalization of Methyl Bromide while in the State Senate. This toxic biocide that poisons groundwater, kills farmworkers and destroys the ozone layer has received Thompson's continuing support in Congress.

We need a Congresswoman to represent the people, not a Congressman who represents the pesticides. Vote Pam Elizondo for U.S. Congress."

  • Green California - The Environmental Magazine of the Golden State:

"Not only does Elizondo intend to unseat Thompson, but she goes the extra mile to encourage diversity and offer solutions that reach across party labels.

Elizondo offers a five-pronged program in her campaign for Congress: A one-cent tax to put toward human needs; the U.S. should buy necessary resources through the free market, rather than stealing them (which, of course, means getting out of Iraq); tax dollars should go to a grant program to create full employment; tax breaks for businesses benefitting people and restoring the planet; and legalizing and taxing hemp and marijuana as an alternative to current sources of paper, food fossil fuel, etc.

Fortunately, the 1st District voters have these alternatives to vote for in Elizondo's campaign.

Green California endorses Pamela Elizondo in the U.S. House of Representative's 1st District."

  • Charles Douglas, former Green Party candidate for Arcata School Board and former State Coordinating Committee member, Green Party of California:

"I respect the fact that Pam Elizondo fought for the right to be the Green standard-bearer against the entrenched incumbent, Mike Thompson. She won her primary fair and square, and although I did not vote for her in March, I will vote for her in November. Her platform presents a clear break with the pattern of deceipt and sleaze coming from both parties in Washington."

  • Dex Anderson, former Independent candidate for Arcata City Council:

"I endorse Pam for her common sense stands for Mother Earth and peace. She is promulgating solutions rather than carrying on the pretenses of the monopoly party politicians. Remember, we each have "private property" shares in our air, water, and resources! Why are those who impose pollution - while we have clean technology solutions...getting away with committing harm? Don't these costs count? Why are war corporations getting public welfare to...impose harm? Why don't we change it? I also appreciate her actually trying to retire the debt and deficit rather than just whining about it. However, I believe the debt is fraudulent (interest on principal literally made up by the "Federal Reserve"), and that this is unConstitutional. Heck, we could just have the Congress cast a big pig-iron coin "worth" at least as much as this scam debt. That's what the Federal Reserve does. We can hang it on Alan Greenspan's head in a coronation ceremony. Pay the debts incurred to people who produced something other than war toys and monopoly paper."

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