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Humboldt County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Directory of Humboldt County, CA Measures
County Results as of Nov 2 9:35pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (139/139)
70.2% Countywide Voter Turnout (59611/84924)

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Measure K. School District School Bond -- Loleta Union School District (Measure K requires 55 percent (55%) YES votes to pass)
368 / 67.65% Yes votes ...... 176 / 32.35% No votes
Shall Loleta Union Elementary School District modernize classrooms, including improvements to lighting and heating & air conditioning systems; improvements to classrooms including replacement of windows and cabinetry, abatement of asbestos, new whiteboards; replacement of floor and wall coverings; make health and safety improvements including new restrooms for upper grade wings; upgrade kitchen facilities and improve computer network environment and student access to technology by issuing $456,000 of bonds at interest rates below the legal limit?

Measure L. County of Humboldt Transaction and Use Tax -- Humboldt County (Simple Majority)
16696 / 29.88% Yes votes ...... 39180 / 70.12% No votes
Shall the Board of Supervisors enact a temporary one percent sales tax, pursuant to County Ordinance No. 2323 and Resolution No.04-51, a general tax, with these restrictions:

>The sales tax can only be used to pay for local services; >The tax will terminate on June 30, 2009; and >This Board of Supervisors will immediately repeal the tax if the State attempts to redirect or take the sales tax revenue away from Humboldt County.

Measure M. County of Humboldt Anti-GMO Initiative Ordinance -- Humboldt County (Simple Majority)
19137 / 35.10% Yes votes ...... 35384 / 64.90% No votes
Shall the Humboldt County ordinance titled "Ordinance Prohibiting Growing of Genetically Modified Organisms" be approved?

Measure N. Business License -- City of Blue Lake (Simple Majority)
252 / 49.51% Yes votes ...... 257 / 50.49% No votes
Shall the City Council of the City of Blue Lake adopt Ordinance No. 474 updating rates for business licenses within the City of Blue Lake to supplement general tax revenues?

Measure O. Election of Mayor -- City of Ferndale (Simple Majority)
148 / 21.17% Yes votes ...... 551 / 78.83% No votes
Shall the electors eliminate the elective office of mayor and thereby reestablish the procedure of selection of mayor by the City Council?

Measure P. Business License -- City of Ferndale (Simple Majority)
398 / 57.18% Yes votes ...... 298 / 42.82% No votes
Shall the City of Ferndale increase the business license fees?

  • The proposed fees are as shown below:

Category --- Proposed

Yearly-Retail --- $ 60.00

Quarterly-Retail --- $ 15.00

Yearly-no sales tax --- $ 80.00

Quarterly-no sales tax --- $ 20.00

Duplicate --- $ 5.00

Location Change --- $ 2.00

Carnival (daily) --- $100.00


Service/Product not offered locally --- $ 10.00
Service/Product offered locally --- $150.00

Chamber Sponsored Sales --- $100.00

Measure Q. College of the Redwoods School Bond -- Humboldt County, except for the Dinsmore area (2MR) (Measure Q requires 55 percent (55%) YES votes to pass)
35641 / 63.95% Yes votes ...... 20093 / 36.05% No votes
To strengthen local job and vocational training programs, and increase academic classes for students with 2-year and 4-year college goals by:
  • Adding classrooms and tech labs;
  • Renovating unsafe and deteriorating campus buildings;
  • Repairing, acquiring, constructing, furnishing and equipping college facilities;

Shall the Redwoods Community College District issue $40,320,000 of bonds, at legal rates, with tough accountability safeguards, including an independent Citizens Oversight Committee and annual audits -- with no money used for administrator salaries?

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