Smart Voter is produced by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers of the League of Women Voters of California.

Smart Voter Central

Senior Director:   Ernie Ting*
Steering Committee Chair:   Kathleen Weisenberg*
Development:   Ellen Kitamura*
Senior Programmer:   Carl Hage
Webmaster:   Carol Watts*
Budget and Finances:   Roberta Hollimon*
Founding Project Director:   Read our Tribute to Trudell Een
Calif. Photo Editor:   Bob Huddleston
California State Technical Coordinator:   Greg Fowler
California Northern Liaison:   Bonnie Hamlin*
California Southern Liaison:   Frances Talbott-White
Ohio State Coordinator:   Melissa Currence
Pennsylvania State Coordinator:   Marita Green
LWV California Education Fund Board Liaison:   Kathy Armstrong, Kathy Souza
LWV California President:   Jenny Waggoner

* - Member of Steering Committee

Smart Voter Central Team 2008

Front row: Jenny Waggoner, Laura Grybos, Bonnie Hamlin
Back row: Ernie Ting, Jackie Jacobberger, Sandy Eakins, Nikki Harris, Carol Watts, Roberta Hollimon, Kathleen Weisenberg, Carl Hage

In States and Counties

In every participating county in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, League volunteers contact candidates and add information to Smart Voter pages. A coordinator orchestrates the activities of volunteers that assist candidates, arrange for media coverage and add information to Smart Voter pages, such as candidate forums and newspapers links. The coordinators also answer questions from visitors to the site and interact with county election officials.


Some of our Smart Voter volunteers and government partners in the counties:

San Joaquin County Smart Voter team

San Joaquin County
Lydia Tinder, San Joaquin Smart Voter Coordinator, Bonnie Hamlin, Smart Voter Northen California Liaison, Austin Erdman, Assistant Registrar of Voters, and Debbie Hench, Registrar of Voters, San Joaquin County


San Diego County Smart Voter Team
San Diego County
Holding sign:
Muriel Filman.
Second row
: Roni Seay, Joyce Joseph (Coordinator), Ann Heuton, Judy Seerey.
Back row: Nancy Telford, Gail Tullao, Suzanne Carneiro, Marietta Lassaline, John Joseph.

Orange County Smart Voter team
Orange County
Stan Miller, LWV Central Orange County; Frances Talbott-White, Smart Voter Southern California Liaison; Neal Kelley, Acting Registrar of Voters, Orange County; Angela Chen Lindstrom, Orange County Smart Voter Coordinator

Riverside County Smart Voter team
Riverside County
Trudell Een, Smart Voter Founding Project Director; Barbara Dunmore, Registrar of Voters, Riverside County; Artemio Tinoco Jr., Elections Coordinator, Riverside County; Frances Talbott-White, Smart Voter Southern California Liaison; Joan Donahue, LWV Northwest Riverside

Kern County Smart Voter team
Kern County
Lois Chaney, President, LWV Bakersfield; Frances Talbott-White, Southern Calif. Liaison; Lois Watson, Vice President, LWV Bakersfield; Leslie Arbegast, Kern County Coordinator

San Luis Obispo Smart Voter team
San Luis Obispo
Vera Wallen, LWV SLO Coordinator; Marguerite Bader, President, LWV SLO County; Frances Talbott-White, Southern California Liaison; Julie Rodewald, SLO County Clerk Recorder; Janet Haley and Chuck Carey, SLO County Elections Office

Frances Talbott-White
Frances Talbott-White (right), Smart Voter Southern California Liaison, is being interviewed by Gayle Anderson, KTLA reporter, about Smart Voter in the Los Angeles county March 8, 2005 election.


Ohio has been working with Smart Voter since November 1998 primarily in Hamilton County. Phyllis Nesselroad is the county coordinator for LWV Cincinnati Area; Melissa Currence is the Smart Voter state coordinator, also from LWV Cincinnati Area.


Olivia Thorne led the team to use Smart Voter to cover elections in the state and in Delaware County beginning with their first election in May 2007. Marita Green is now heading this strong team supporting the state, plus Allegheny, Delaware, and Montgomery counties.


Would you like to work with us? Let us know your interests and send us a feedback.