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Sacramento County, CA November 8, 2016 Election
Directory of Sacramento County, CA Measures
County Results as of Dec 5 3:54pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (1,267/1267)
74.50% Countywide Voter Turnout (575,711/772,777)

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Measure B. Transaction and Use Tax -- County of Sacramento (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 342,084 / 65.71% Yes votes ...... 178,543 / 34.29% No votes
To maintain and rehabilitate the County's street and road system;
To reduce traffic congestion and make the County's transportation system operate more efficiently and effectively; To Fill potholes and repave streets; Repair deteriorating bridges; Relieve traffic on roads and freeways; Build a new expressway between Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and Folsom; Extend Light Rail toward the Airport and Elk Grove; Support Light Rail and bus operations, maintenance, and security; and Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety; Shall the ordinance enacting a 30-year countywide one half cent sales tax, raising approximately $100 million annually, with independent oversight and audits, be adopted?

Measure C. Transaction and Use Tax -- City of Isleton (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 174 / 69.32% Yes votes ...... 77 / 30.68% No votes
For a period of five (5) years shall a one-half cent transactions and use tax, to be used solely to fund General City services for the City of Isleton, be adopted?

Measure D. Local High School Improvement Measure -- Roseville Joint Union High School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 47,714 / 61.7% Yes votes ...... 29,587 / 38.3% No votes
   43243 (61.39%) Yes / 27197 (38.61%) No in Placer County
   4,471 (65.17%) Yes / 2,390 (34.83%) No in Sacramento County
To upgrade local high schools with funding that cannot be taken by the State, shall Roseville Joint Union High School District upgrade science, engineering, math, career technology and core academic classrooms/ facilities, support academic instruction and prepare students for 21 st Century jobs, replace electrical wiring, leaky roofs, ensure classroom accessibility, construct, acquire, repair classrooms, schools, sites/ equipment, by issuing $96,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with citizen oversight, annual audits, no money for administrators?

Measure E. General Obligation Bond of 2016 -- Galt Joint Union High School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 8,970 / 64.0% Yes votes ...... 5,041 / 36.0% No votes
   7,795 (65.78%) Yes / 4,055 (34.22%) No in Sacramento County
   1175 (54.37%) Yes / 986 (45.63%) No in San Joaquin County
Shall the Galt Joint Union High School District (the "District") be authorized to issue and sell bonds of up to $36.0 million in aggregate principal amount to provide financing for the specific school facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List, and in order to qualify to receive State matching grant funds, subject to all of the accountability safeguards specified?

Measure G. Parcel Tax -- Sacramento City Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 78,785 / 66.17% Yes votes ...... 40,279 / 33.83% No votes
To expand successful programs that provide early intervention and tutoring services for students at risk of falling behind or dropping out, to support academic and arts enrichment, to provide specialized training for teachers, counselors and other school personnel, shall the Sacramento City Unified School District implement a $75 parcel tax for six years, with an exemption for seniors, and create a Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure all funds benefit children most in need?

Measure J. Safe, Clean, Accessible Neighborhood Parks Measure -- Cordova Recreation and Park District, Community Facilities District 2016-01 (2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 24,513 / 71.23% Yes votes ...... 9,901 / 28.77% No votes
To provide clean and safe neighborhood parks; reduce homelessness and drug use in parks; improve park security patrols and safety lighting; ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities; maintain senior programs, including Meals on Wheels; and keep playground equipment and park bathrooms clean and safe for children-families-residents; shall the Cordova Recreation and Park District establish a special tax, with senior discounts, annual audits, and all funds required to be spent locally?

Measure K. Bond Measure -- Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 6,911 / 66.1% Yes votes ...... 3,552 / 33.9% No votes
   6,554 (66.88%) Yes / 3,245 (33.12%) No in Sacramento County
   357 (53.77%) Yes / 307 (46.23%) No in San Joaquin County
To improve the quality of education for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students shall Galt Joint Union Elementary School District be authorized to modernize and upgrade classrooms and school facilities for 21 st
Century learning; replace portables and leaky roofs; upgrade outdated electrical, heating/air conditioning and plumbing; make safety/security and technology classroom improvements, by issuing $19,700,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, with independent citizens' oversight and audits, NO money for employee salaries, and all funds benefitting local schools?

Measure L. Sacramento Independent Redistricting Commission Act -- City of Sacramento (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 76,197 / 52.81% Yes votes ...... 68,087 / 47.19% No votes
Shall the City of Sacramento Charter be amended to establish a redistricting commission that is independent of the city council and that has sole authority for establishing council districts, and to establish processes for selection of commission members and for the commission's adoption of council district maps?

Measure M. Bond Measure -- Elk Grove Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 78,517 / 70.18% Yes votes ...... 33,368 / 29.82% No votes
To repair and modernize classrooms, fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and HVAC systems, improve student safety and campus security, construct and upgrade additional classrooms, labs, career technical education facilities and instructional technology to support student achievement in math, science, arts and skilled trades and keep up with growth and relieve overcrowding shall the Elk Grove Unified School District issue $476,000,000 in bonds to be spent only on specified projects, with independent citizen oversight and no money for administrator salaries?

Measure P. Classroom Repair / Student Safety Measure -- San Juan Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 95,406 / 69.45% Yes votes ...... 41,964 / 30.55% No votes
To repair/upgrade all schools by: repairing aging/deteriorating classrooms/bathrooms/leaky roofs/plumb- ing/drinking fountains/water pipes/electrical wiring; upgrading class- room technology, math/science/computer labs, vocational education classrooms, and outdated fire safety/security systems; removing asbes- tos/lead paint; and, repairing, constructing, and acquiring education- al facilities/equipment, shall San Juan Unified School District issue $750,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, requiring annual independent financial audits, citizens oversight, and keeping all funds local?

Measure Q. Parcel Tax -- Arden Manor Recreation and Park District (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 1,882 / 65.71% Yes votes ...... 982 / 34.29% No votes
To improve the quality of life for residents of the Arden Manor Recreation and Park District by providing security patrol services for the parks and neighborhoods of the District, improving and renovating parks, community buildings, and aquatics facilities, and adding park and facility safety features, shall the District be authorized to levy a parcel tax for 20 years, with annual oversight?

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