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Los Angeles County, CA June 3, 2014 Election
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What will it take....

By Jim McDonnell

Candidate for Sheriff; County of Los Angeles

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Achieving a new vision for LASD and our community will require leadership and vision.
Chief McDonnell has decades of experience and proven leadership. He has the ability to work with our community as well as the thousands of dedicated men and women of the LASD in moving the organization forward. He brings:

  • A proven record of reform - "In examining the many issues and challenges facing the L.A. County Sheriff's Department today, I believe Jim McDonnell's uniquely varied skills, recognized and respected leadership, and decades of experience with both the LAPD and the Long Beach Police Department will lend themselves to facilitating meaningful change."
BILL BRATTON, former Police Chief, Los Angeles Police Department

  • Strong, experienced, and independent leadership - "The Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence documented the unfortunate consequences of a failure of leadership. Even with the best ideas and the most detailed plans for reform, lasting change simply will not take hold if the new Sheriff does not have sufficient experience and a proven ability to lead."
HON. ROBERT BONNER, former member, Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence; former U.S. Attorney; former Federal District Court Judge; former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Customs Service

"Chief McDonnell is an independent leader, with tested experience in achieving organizational change and developing rapport in the community."

ANDREA SHERIDAN ORDIN, former President, L.A. City Police Commission; former California Chief Assistant Attorney General

  • A track record of working with the community and law enforcement personnel to keep our streets safe - "Chief McDonnell has amply demonstrated, during his decades of work at LAPD and as Chief of Long Beach PD, his deep and sincere commitment to community partnerships, effective violence prevention strategies and the highest principles of constitutional policing."
REV. CECIL L. MURRAY (RET.), First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME); John R. Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics, School of Religion, University of Southern California

  • A fresh set of eyes - "Chief McDonnell would bring independent new leadership to the Department, wholly unencumbered by past practices or internal alliances."
MIRIAM ARONI KRINSKY, former Executive Director, Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence; former President, L.A. City Ethics Commission and L.A. County Bar Association

  • A deep understanding of the challenges facing LASD - "Based on three decades of law enforcement experience in our Los Angeles community and his yearlong involvement in the intensive Jail Commission investigation of the LASD, McDonnell knows what the path to true reform looks like and has the experience to effectuate change."
HON. CARLOS R. MORENO, former Ca. Supreme Court Associate Justice; former Federal District Court judge

  • A sincere commitment to prompt and lasting implementation of the CCJV recommendations - "Jim McDonnell was an integral part of the work of the Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence and understands the need for prompt implementation of the CCJV recommendations, including a restructuring of the Department to create a separate Custody career path."
HON. LOURDES G. BAIRD, former Chair, Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence; former U.S. Attorney and former Federal District Court Judge

  • Credibility on a local, state and national level - "Chief McDonnell has the respect of leaders throughout the state, in all walks of the justice system, and an understanding of both the challenges and new opportunities facing the County in the wake of realignment."
JACKIE LACEY, Los Angeles County District Attorney

  • A willingness and ability to work with the Board of Supervisors, the new Inspector General and community groups - "As my appointment to the Citizens' Commission on Jail Violence, Jim McDonnell has the track record to work with the Board of Supervisors and County staff to aggressively put in place reform measures and a culture of accountability. Jim is a proven and effective manager who has the experience to restore the reputation of our Sheriff's department and lead the thousands of men and women who keep our communities safe."
DON KNABE, LA County Board of Supervisors

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