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Riverside County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure AA
City of San Jacinto Annexation Area 78

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 101 / 27.37% Yes votes ...... 268 / 72.63% No votes

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Results as of November 26 3:17pm, 100.00%% of Precincts Reporting (3/3)
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Shall the order adopted on July 30, 2012, by the Executive Officer on behalf of the Local Agency Formation Commission of Riverside ordering the reorganization affecting the City of San Jacinto and the Riverside County Waste Resources Management District, providing for Annexation 78 to the City of San Jacinto and detachment from the Riverside County Waste Resources Management District (Parcels A & B), and Detachment from the City of San Jacinto Parcel C ( ) be confirmed sub ect to the terms and conditions s j pecified in the order?

Impartial Analysis
This ballot measure will determine whether certain unincorporated territory adjacent to the northeastern boundary of the City of San Jacinto shall be annexed to the City (Parcels A & B) and whether certain territory currently within the City shall be detached from the City (Parcel C). A majority voting in favor of the measure will confirm the jurisdictional changes. If a majority votes against this measure, no jurisdictional change will occur.

The areas subject to this measure are as follows: Parcel A includes approximately 203 acres generally south of Soboba Rd., east of State St., north of Quandt Ranch Rd. and west of Western Village Dr. and includes the Country Lake Mobile Home Park. Parcel B includes approximately 495 acres generally south and west of the San Jacinto River, east of San Jacinto Av. and north of Artesian St. Parcel C includes 357 acres of uninhabited territory generally north of the San Jacinto River and south of the City of Beaumont.

The measure also includes other minor ancillary changes, including detachment of Parcels A & B from the County Waste Resources Management District, which provides no direct services to the area.

Approval of the measure would place Parcels A and B under the local jurisdiction of the San Jacinto City Council. Responsibility for municipal services, including, but not limited to, law enforcement, fire protection, land use, code enforcement, streetlights and road maintenance, would be transferred from the County to the City. The County will retain responsibility for regional services such as District Attorney, jails, public health and social services. Parcel C would be detached from the City and would fall under the local control of the County of Riverside.

Due to access to local patrols, Parcels A and B would likely see improvement in police response times upon annexation. Fire protection services would remain the same. Services such as water, sewer and electricity currently provided by special districts or utility companies will continue to be provided by those entities.

City ordinances in effect at the time of annexation, including zoning ordinances, would apply to the area upon annexation. Uses legally existing prior to annexation, however, may continue under City zoning under certain circumstances. Upon annexation the County's rent control ordinance would no longer be in effect. However, the City has entered into a rent control agreement with the owner of Country Lake Mobile Home Park that will continue most provisions of the County rent control ordinance. Rent control would generally apply to existing residents as long as they reside at Country Lake. The detached area would be subject to County ordinances. Zoning for territory that would be detached would revert to previous County zoning.

Base property tax rates and assessed valuations are unchanged by annexation or detachment. All or a portion of many existing revenues generated within the proposed annexation area, such as sales and property taxes, would accrue to the City rather than the County.

There are no general or special taxes or assessments of the City that would be extended to currently developed areas annexed to the City. Future development could be subject to special taxes or assessments.

Specific questions regarding current City services, ordinances, land use, taxes, assessments and charges should be directed to the City.

If the measure is approved, qualified voters in Parcels A and B would be eligible to vote in future elections for City Council and other City measures.

Voters will continue to be eligible to vote for their representative on the County Board of Supervisors.

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Arguments For Measure AA Arguments Against Measure AA
(No arguments in favor were submitted)

When the City of San Jacinto started talking about annexing Country Lake into the City of San Jacinto, they knew that they would have to give us rent control as the residents would not want to lose the great rent control that we have with Riverside County.

The rent control that the City of San Jacinto is offering the residents of Country Lake Mobile Home Community is tied to the property and is nothing like the rent control ordinance we have with the County of Riverside. With the new rent control provided to the residents of Country Lake, none of the empty lots nor any of the lots with empty mobile homes on them will have any rent control.

Now the residents living in a mobile home and have a lease of longer than 12 months are not covered under any rent control in California.

All this means is that going in with a new ordinance, that only slightly more than 50% of the lots in Country Lake Mobile Home Community will be covered under the rent control. When any of these residents try to sell their mobiles, that space would lose rent control so it will be very difficult to sell.

There is no reason or benefit for the residents of Country Lake to be annexed into the City of San Jacinto.

By: Ivan E. McDermott,
Resident of Country Lake Mobile Home Park (for 13 years)

Carol McDermott

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