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San Diego County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
Candidates Answer Questions on the Issues
United States Representative; District 52

The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and asked of all candidates for this office.     See below for questions on Economy, Budget, Energy, Health care, Campaign financing

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? 1. In this time of high unemployment, what are the most important steps that should be taken to improve our nationís economy?

Answer from Scott Peters:

Our economic future depends on making smart investments, specifically in our infrastructure, our children, and in research. We need infrastructure investment such as rebuilding roads and bridges, making our power grid smarter and more efficient, and supporting new means of communications in order to increase our competitiveness in the global economy. We need to invest in our children, specifically by making sure our K-12 education system is preparing our kids for college, and that any student who qualifies and wants to go to college can afford to do so. Meanwhile, we must establish community colleges as centers for job training and placement for those who do not choose a four year degree. We also need to adequately and consistently invest in scientific research in order to drive American competitiveness and job creation.

Answer from John L. Subka:

Suspend the H1 Visas given to foreign labor to come to the United States and take jobs away from Americans.

Answer from John K Stahl:

1. Balance the Federal Budget in 3-5 years
2. Get off of OPEC oil by 2020
3. Restore the American manufacturing base
4. 85% of Congressional seats are already baked in for 2012, stop sending the same people back to Congress
5. Get the union money and the PAC money out of the process

Answer from Ehab T. Shehata, M.D.:

We must improve the American economy by moving away from interest-based economics and moving towards policies that create jobs. Job creation goes along with increasing our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The best way to do this is to increase American market share throughout the world by pursuing policies that promote peace and economic cooperation over war and hostility.

Answer from Gene Hamilton Carswell:

Although there are jobs available, both nationally and locally, funding for the required education to qualify candidates for these positions, needs to be made reasonably accessible and available.

In addition, Internet websites are available that can direct the unemployed to jobs. In fairness to all job candidates and potential employers, "Internet Technology" (IT) must be simplified and made readily available to our entire jobless population.

Potential candidates for the jobs also require informed and adequate job counseling.

Not enough employers are aware, that monetary funding incentives exist, and are available to employers, to assist in the hiring of candidates. Such incentive funding can be used for on the job training, as well as assisting in the funding of hourly wages and health care benefits. All of these steps will eventually improve the economy.

San Diego can provide jobs locally through an enlightened examination of our port expansion and modification of present restrictions. These positive actions shall result in more international trade, tourism and industrial manufacturing.

There have been recent House Bills that have not been approved, that would have been an effective method for creating jobs. These Resolutions, had they passed, could have helped repair our infrastructure, such as our bridges, roads, ports, and an improved mass transportation system here in San Diego. These failed Bills, would have resulted in the creation of more jobs, as well as an improved economy for everyone (banks, mortgage companies, Real Estate industry, manufacturers, retail merchants, medical professionals, and across the full spectrum of our city's economy).

San Diego has one of the most adaptive and beautiful ports, which is recognized worldwide. This wonderful asset must be maintained and utilized more effectively. Government restrictions that are mandated need to be modified, which will help to preserve this resource and grow it responsibly. As an engineer that developed the first digital numerical hydraulic modeling system for the study of bay and beach ecosystems, I find it appalling that we currently have inadequate water quality (tertiary sewage treatment systems) and inadequate preparations for the future. Our beaches and ports are constantly being bombarded by raw sewage that is inadequately treated and dumped into our oceans. My dream is that one day soon, our beautiful bays, ocean ,and beaches will return to the way that I remember them. Back in 1973, when I first visited and fell in love with San Diego, I recall standing on, what was then The Hotel Islandia pier ,in Mission Bay, and enjoying being able to see the beautiful crystal clear water, the ocean bottom, and the fish swimming . My hope ,as your Congressional Representative, is to be able to restore this, as it should be, for all of our enjoyment and to stimulate the beach, bay, and port economies.

Answer from Wayne Iverson:

We need to restore confidence in America. We can do this in Congress by reducing the Deficit by eliminating wasteful spending. This is done by passing a balanced budget. Additionally, Businesses need to be unburdened by excessive Federal Regulations. And finally, we need to have US Tax Rates reduced so businesses can bring manufacturing and other businesses back to America and compete in a Global Marketplace.

? 2. How should the federal budget deficit be addressed, now and into the future? How should budget priorities for defense and domestic programs be adjusted?

Answer from Scott Peters:

We must reform the nation's tax code so American companies are encouraged to create jobs in America. We should also look at incentivizing companies to build and expand here at home, rather than abroad. And we must also immediately end subsidies to oil companies who are among the most profitable companies ever. The fact that they are subsidized by the taxpayers, when they are making record profits and middle class Americans are struggling, makes absolutely no sense. Keeping the earnings and jobs created by American companies at home and ending subsidies will help get us back on the road toward a balanced budget. We must balance the budget, but we've got to do it the right way. And it shouldn't be on the backs of seniors and the middle class.

Answer from Gene Hamilton Carswell:

A higher priority should be budgeted for education. Quality education is paramount for our nation and our state. More innovations cause the GDP to increase per-capita and results in more taxes generated to fund the reduction of our federal budget.

This was the driving force when the software industry fueled the balanced budget in the eighties under the Clinton administration. Education is the key also to globalized economic stability. Stability of jobs for teachers is a necessity. Our teachers need security, and continuity so as to be able to focus on the student's needs.

From a national perspective... innovations and knowledge could be disseminated to third world nations. This is a key not only to economic stability and growth worldwide but would reduce the threat of terrorism. Our nation needs to focus more on quality education for our own citizens and offering other nations, educational assistance,on an unprecedented international scale, instead of an agenda that has often been described as international exploitation.

We have "economic hit men" who sadly exploit uneducated nations and who do the bidding of some of our corporations, with some of our government's cooperation, to manipulate foreign countries resources and exploit their people and their GDP. A country, where it's population is apathetic and lacks adequate education, allows us and other countries to exploit the health and resources of these uninformed citizenry. This explotation of other people is manifested by our cigarette exports to the importing of their minerals and oil. We are being torn away from our values as a democratic icon to an imperialistic coporatocracy so as to control these individual countries' destiny and their educational and medical growth. Education of all developing nations should be one of our primary goals. Presently,however,the worst possible scenario now exists and this exploitation continues, which promotes a breeding ground for terrorism and disrespect for our nation as an icon of democracy.

This lack of an enlighten approach provides vast wealth for our country NOW but fails the litmus test for what our country should stand for. It will also destroy opportunities for our children. Education (worldwide) is the only civil way to counter civil unrest and terrorism at home and abroad to developing nations. Please view the following URL... As a man,who served in the military for ten years, as pilot in the United States Air Force, and witnessed unnecessary death, I oppose war and seek a peaceful resolution to all crisis. I do not support exploiting tax payers money for unnecessay wars or for the purpose of benefitting the special interests of the military industrial complex.

Please consider watching this YouTube presentation, which I think is interesting Several longer You Tube presentations are available for your education, however this short one is an adequate introduction. See

Answer from John K Stahl:

1. Get rid of baseline budgeting
2. Stop the concept of spend or lose by government at all levels
3. Take the lastest GAO report and cut/curtail the outlined 1500 redundant, inefficient and fragmented programs
4. Honor the 10th Amendment to the Constitution
5. Stop Block Grants

Answer from Ehab T. Shehata, M.D.:

The federal budget problems should be approached in the same way that we address our budgets as individual Americans. Before we spend on any programs, we have to identify a source of revenue for those programs. If not enough funding exists, then we must find ways to make due with less in each area, without wholesale and radical changes in any one sector of spending.

Answer from John L. Subka:

A Constitutional Ammendment should be passed requiring the Federal Government to balanace their budget.

Answer from Wayne Iverson:

Going forward, Congress should insist on a Balanced Budget. This can be accomplished by eliminating wasteful spending such as those items swept in by Earmarks. Also, Congress should revisit the failed Stimulus Bill passed in 2009 and terminate programs and funding that did not work as planned. Budget priorities for Defense and Domestic programs should be approached in a non-partisan manner and prioritized starting with those aspects most critical to this country.

? 3. What are your priorities with respect to our nationís energy policy? Should there be an emphasis on clean energy and reducing carbon emissions, and/or on reducing our dependence on foreign sources?

Answer from Scott Peters:

As a nation, we must work toward a long-term energy policy that: 1) creates new American jobs; 2) emphasizes greater energy independence; 3) invests in the development of alternative fuels; 4) promotes clean energy technology like wind and solar; 5) ensures greater national security; and 6) provides automakers with incentives for producing fuel-efficient vehicles. We also need to do a better job of building housing and employment centers nearer to one another to reduce commutes. And we need to invest in making all of our communities more pedestrian- and bicycle- friendly.

In the long term, Congress needs to develop and support a long-term energy strategy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels altogether. But there are also steps Congress can, and should, be taking now. First, Congress can act now to stop price-gouging at the pump by holding Wall Street commodities traders and speculators more accountable. Many experts agree that speculation in energy markets drives up the price of oil, which raises the price of gas for consumers. Last year, House Democrats tried to increase funding for the agency in charge of policing price manipulation in oil markets. But Republicans voted to slash these funds by almost half. We've also got to stop subsidizing oil companies.

Answer from John K Stahl:

1. Get off of OPEC oil by 2020 as a National Goal
2. Let the private sector invest in other forms of energy to have the best ideas come forward
3. Stop the regulatory burden of Cap and Trade at the California and Federal level

Answer from John L. Subka:

America needs to start using some our own resources to wing the dependency of foreign resources such as oil.

Answer from Ehab T. Shehata, M.D.:

In order to secure America's positon as a global leader, we must be at the forefront of innovation with respect to energy policy. This means diversifying our sources of energy and promoting the use of energy sources that are most sustainable in the long run. If we invest wisely in this sector of the economy, we can transform our nation from a consumer of foreign energy sources, to an exporter of technology used to harness "green" energy sources.

Answer from Gene Hamilton Carswell:

There is a need for shale production and the methods to harvest shale nationally, to create an independent national energy source while maintaining the environment and the fragile ecosystems. During this transition from hydrocarbon energy dependence, there are additional and possibly better ways of generating energy. One energy source that has not been utilized, is our vast unused supply of energy from our oceans. This energy source, can be made available through the use of generators that use our natural tide reversal. i.e. turning this physical cycle into electricity, e.g. having hydrodynamic power generated through turbine systems that work in conjunction with tidal cycles. This technology is available now, but in order to utilize this source, our society must divert its attention from what appears to be cheap nuclear power production, and divert our resources to hydrodynamic tidal energy production.

It is certain that Saudi Arabia, and the OPEC nations, and the international oil companies, that are "hydro carbon dependency corporations", want the United States to remain status quo. It is imperative for our country's future to develop an alternate resource to insure our independence ,and a better future for our children.

Answer from Wayne Iverson:

Our priorities for Energy should be increased Domestic Oil Product and favorable Federal Legislation for Alternative Forms of Energy. EPA regulations should be revisited with an emphasis on seeing which regulations are really necessary. Congress should pass the Keystone Project and override the President's opposition to this much needed source of new crude oil. The US should not fund Alternative Energy Businesses but rather decrease Federal Regulations that block their successful advancement & allow these entities Tax Deductions.

? 4. What, if any, changes should be made to federal health care policies or programs?

Answer from John K Stahl:

1. Put in place serious Tort Reform
2. Allow Healthcare policies to be bought across state lines
3. Allow for policies to be portable between jobs
4. Reduce Defensive Medicine
5. Use technology to a higher level. Personally, I am tired of being handed a clipboard and a pen for each new office visit

Answer from Wayne Iverson:

The Affordable Care Act is currently on trial in the US Supreme Court. This legislation is Unconstitutional and should be repealed in its entirety. New wholesome legislation should be brought in which puts patients and their families in control of their healthcare decisions and removes the Government. Medicare should be preserved and a second option for Medicare offered for those over 10 years away from needing Medicare. Medicaid should be passed to the States as Block Grants for the States to allocate as the best determine.

Answer from Ehab T. Shehata, M.D.:

Federal health care policies must address the rising costs of healthcare and health insurance. Unfortunately, this is one area where special interst groups are very active in lobbying governments (both federal and state) in favor of their positions. By appeasing insurance companies and big business, government is ignoring the needs of ordinary citizens with respect to the cost of health care.

Answer from Gene Hamilton Carswell:

Federal health care policies should be one of our nation's highest priorities. Medical providers, which include insurance companies, physicians and pharmaceutical companies should focus on preventative care rather than what we currently practice, which is reactive care.

Unlike my opponent. I'm definitely a supporter of Pro-choice and for women's rights for reproductive health care. I also support Planned Parenthood.

I certainly do not support privatizing Social Security. Putting Social Security resources in the hands of a Wall Street Financial manager is a major risk for all people. This has been demonstrated acutely by the latest mismanagement and meltdown of our financial system on Wall Street. Our healthcare program's (Medicare, Medicaid etc.) certainly do not need to depend on Wall Street Investor for security of our Health.

Groups, including many of our religious institutions, are starting their own insurance programs to save members money. The members have organized to contribute to funds to insure their membership's health care needs will be provided more economically.

Every person can and should benefit from genome and stem cell research without destroying life. Those embryos that are going to be discarded can be used to save lives through productive research.

An analogy is the organ donor program. Every day organs from deceased donors are being utilized to further our medical knowledge, and to save lives...this is exactly what needs to be done with embryonic research.

Family planning should be available to all women, through agencies such as Planned Parenthood. Federal medical research monies should be used to benefit all humanity.

Answer from Scott Peters:

Health care in America needs to be accessible and affordable for everybody. The reality is that too many families in San Diego struggle to get affordable, quality health care. And the high cost of insurance premiums is holding American businesses back. So we must continue the work to lower health care costs while preserving choice and quality care. We should build on the reforms set forth by the Affordable Care Act and improve them- particularly when it comes to making health care more affordable for the middle-class, containing skyrocketing costs, and making sure hospitals are adequately reimbursed for the services they provide.

Some of the reforms I'd like to see include:

  • Modernizing the system to lower costs.
  • Lowering prescription drug costs through Medicare.
  • Ensuring that hospitals who care for a disproportionate share of uninsured patients are adequately reimbursed
  • Examining a "non fee for service" model of health care that emphasizes prevention over treatment.

When I go to Congress I will vehemently protect women's access to contraception and a woman's right to choose.

? 5. What, if any, changes should be made to federal rules on campaign financing?

Answer from Wayne Iverson:

The Rules related to Campaign Financing are a perennial problem and controversial. The FEC does a good job reviewing and tracking funds in this area. Going forward, we should see how some of the newer Rules are acted upon by various Campaign Committees and in a non-partisan manner revamp those Rules that do serve the American public.

Answer from Ehab T. Shehata, M.D.:

Campaign finance reform is imperative if we are to restore faith in our democracy. Our current system promotes the election of candidates that are good at fund-raising, not those that have better ideas for the advancement of our nation. We must find ways to limit the influence of special interest groups, so that ordinary citizens have a greater voice in our system of government.

Answer from John L. Subka:

Prohibit corporations from making contributions to federal campaings.

Answer from Gene Hamilton Carswell:

Ideally, voters and our country would benefit if all candidates received the same media exposure. All candidates should be invited to speak at all political forums that their election would impact. Every candidate should have their viewpoints included equally in all publications. The League of Women Voters is a perfect positive example whereby voters do benefit by being given equal access to information such as platforms and qualifications allowing voters to be able to make an informed decision. It would be very beneficial if the League could host debates that include all the candidates.

We need to limit the corporation's contributions to candidates selected to give them special advantages. Funding should be equal to all.

You and I are subsidizing the wealthiest corporations with our tax dollars. Your children's tax dollars and grandchildren's tax dollars are going to waste daily... We are funding oil companies, the military industrial complex and we are fighting wars that support this complex. This needs to stop! The Supreme Court has recently decided to lift the corporate ban on contributions from corporations. I refer you to the following You Tube presentation.

Listen to President Dwight W. Eisenhower address this subject in his farewell speech to the nation. (It only takes a few minutes and is very enlightening).

Corporate influence on elections had been banned from the political arena for centuries. However, because of an unenlightened Supreme Court ruling, they are being allowed. We have moved to a coporatocracy!

Funding should come from individuals rather than from corporations, some of which are international corporations that exist exclusivly outside the United States. These foreign corporations should not be allowed to influence our election process. This would advance the democratic process.

Answer from John K Stahl:

1. Get the union money out
2. Get the PAC money out
3. Overturn the Citizen's United ruling
4. Limit contributions to individuals only with a reasonable limit of $2,500 per election cycle

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