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San Diego County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
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Immigration Reform

By Brian P. Bilbray

Candidate for United States Representative; District 50

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Brian Bilbray's Plan to Secure the Border and Stop Illegal Immigration
Brian Bilbray's Plan to Secure the Border and Stop Illegal Immigration For the last 3 years as a Co-Chairman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, America's preeminent illegal immigration reform advocate, I have lobbied for many essential reforms in our immigration laws to carry on the work that I began when the voters of San Diego County sent me to Congress in 1995.

Just a few weeks ago in Washington, I introduced my plan for real border security reform that the Federation for American Immigration Reform or FAIR, ( will promote as the cornerstone of their legislative agenda and which I will carry to candidates across the nation in the form of my "Candidate's Pledge on Homeland Security."

Over the next year I will endeavor to commit as many candidates as possible to join me by pledging their support to ten essential border security and immigration reforms. These ten items are:

Ending the current "Catch and release" policy by making expedited removal of illegal aliens mandatory and to require the completion of the US-VISIT entry-exit system. Authorizing the deployment of the military on the border to assist in controlling illegal immigration. Construction of a border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, starting with the most heavily trafficked border crossings. Mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility to work in the United States. Stiff penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers, not fines that are considered "a cost of doing business." Make clear that local and state authorities are authorized to apprehend illegal aliens in the conduct of their routine duties, a legal uncertainty that has prevented untold thousands of illegal alien captures. Prohibit illegal aliens from any access to Social Security benefits. Unbelievably, current U.S. law allows a loophole for illegal aliens to receive social security benefits. This practice must end. Removing employer tax deductions for wages and benefits paid to illegal aliens. Limiting birthright citizenship to the children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. Comprehensive border and immigration enforcement legislation to end countless other loopholes that benefit illegal aliens and those who profit from their crime of illegal presence in the United States, to give law enforcement the tools and permission to enforce the laws and to compensate states for the financial impact of illegal immigration. These are a few of the immigration reforms that you can count on me to support, and what is more important, you can count on my leadership on these initiatives. I will be working, even before you elect me, to secure pledges from other candidates around the country to support these reforms with me.

During my previous service in the House of Representatives I was a leader on illegal immigration reform, introducing H.R. 7, the bill to end birthright citizenship. If elected to the House again, I will continue to work to build support for that and the other parts of my plan to enact meaningful immigration reform.

While several of my opponents claim to have ideas to reform illegal immigration, I am putting them on paper and putting them into action. Who among my opponents can say that?

Brian Bilbray for Congress

The only candidate endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council representing more than 10,000 front-line Border Patrol employees.

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