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Hamilton County, OH November 8, 2005 Election
Council Member; City of Cincinnati Voter Information

2 Year Term. Salary: $55,701

The City of Cincinnati Charter amendment was placed on the May 4, 1999 ballot and was passed by the voters. The amendment changed the role and powers of the mayor, the manner of selection of the city manager and the way Cincinnati's mayor is elected. There is now a direct election of mayor by majority vote in the November election following a September non-partisan primary to be held every 4 years. The Mayor is in addition to a 9-member council. The mayor is the presiding officer at council meetings but not a council member, has veto power over council passed legislation with an override provision, assigns legislative matters to council committees, and appoints and removes council committee chairs and the vice-mayor without the advice and consent of council. The mayor initiates the hiring and removal of the city manager with the advice and consent of council. The mayor's salary is twice the salary of a member of council. The term limit for mayor is two successive four-year terms. Council members are limited to four successive two-year terms.

a charter city

Candidates (Vote for 9)
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John Cranley Click here for more information about this candidate 34,899 votes 7.70%

  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Neighborhood: Price Hill
  • Education: B.S., Political Science, John Carroll University; J.D., Harvard Law School
  • Twice elected to Cincinnati City Council
  • Founded and practice law for the Ohio Innocence Project
  • Make the dramatic increase in police walking and bicycle patrols to be a permanent part of our safety strategy.
  • Spur job growth by finishing the Banks, helping business districts, and connecting job training with real jobs.
  • Forge regional transit system that will transport people to their jobs.
Jim Tarbell Click here for more information about this candidate 31,809 votes 7.02%
  • Occupation: Council Member
  • Neighborhood: Over-the-Rhine
  • Education: Schooled at St. Mary's grade school and St. Xavier and Withrow High Schools; pre-med at the Lowell Institute
  • restaurant owner
  • Seven years on City Council
  • Dramatic improvement in economic development, downtown and neighborhood business districts
  • Move effective law enforcement, better communication between police and city council
  • Team building among councilmembers and with the new mayor - a working coalition
Leslie Ghiz Click here for more information about this candidate 29,251 votes 6.45%
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Neighborhood: Hyde Park
  • Education: Juris Doctorate
  • Attorney, Kohnen & Patton LLP
  • Former Chief Labor Negotiator for the City
  • Reform City Government-Night Meetings and Reduced Salaries
  • Reduce Crime-More Police and Community Policing Programs
  • Restore Quality of Life-Tax Breaks for Homeowners and Litter Patrol
David C. Crowley Click here for more information about this candidate 29,222 votes 6.45%
  • Occupation: Council Member
  • Neighborhood: Walnut Hills
  • Education: M.A. in social work from Ohio State University; M.A. in International Affairs from George Washington.
  • Reduce population loss
  • Maintain a welcoming and clean city
  • Provide a thoughful, reasonable voice for Cincinnati
Laketa Cole Click here for more information about this candidate 29,151 votes 6.43%
  • Occupation: Cincinnati City Councilmember
  • Neighborhood: Bond Hill
  • Education: Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH; B.A. Political Science, 1995
  • African American Leadership Development Program; Class X, 2002-present
  • Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY; Graduate Studies toward Masters in Public Administration 2004-present
  • Chief of Staff to Cincinnati City Councilman Paul Booth, 1998-2001
  • Legislative Aide to Cincinnati City Councilman Dwight Tillery, 1997-1998
  • Encourage economic stability
  • Increase homeownership
  • Reduce crime
Jeff Berding Click here for more information about this candidate 27,832 votes 6.14%
  • Occupation: Director of Sales, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Neighborhood: Westwood
  • Education: St. Catherine Elementary, St. Xavier High School, Miami University, Xavier University (MBA)
  • Reduce crime. Cincinnatians must feel safe.
  • Service excellence. The City must deliver effective core services.
  • Reform government. I support a strong mayor and district elections for Council Members so citizens have power to hold Administration and Council accou
Chris R. Monzel Click here for more information about this candidate 27,464 votes 6.06%
  • Occupation: Engineer, City Councilman
  • Neighborhood: Winton Place
  • Education: Purdue University, B.S. Aero-Engineering
  • University of Cincinnati, M.S. Aero-Engineering
  • Harvard University, Masters Public Policy
  • Reducing crime and improving the quality of life in all neighborhoods.
  • Business/economic development: attract new businesses, retain existing ones, especially small neighborhood businesses.
  • Responsive city government - we must work smarter by eliminating waste and inefficiency.
Chris Bortz Click here for more information about this candidate 26,865 votes 5.93%
  • Occupation: General Counsel for Towne Properties
  • Neighborhood: Mt. Adams
  • Education: Tufts University, Bachelor's Degree, Education; University of Arizona, Juris Doctorate
  • English Teacher; Football, Wrestling & Baseball Coach
  • Charter Committee Board Member
  • Simon Lazarus Awards Volunteer
  • Electoral Reform Commission Member
  • Reform the way City Council thinks and acts
  • Implement effective crime reduction plans
  • Foster economic growth for residents and businesses
Cecil Thomas Click here for more information about this candidate 26,507 votes 5.85%
  • Occupation: Retired 27 yrs Cinti Police , Husband & Soccer Grand Dad
  • Neighborhood: Clinton Springs
  • Degree Law Enforcement Techology University of Cinti; Graduate Cincinnati Police Cadet Academy
  • Former President, Sentinel Police Association ,Life time member FOPA
  • Former Executive Director, Cincinnati Human Relations Commission 5 years
  • Recipient Image Maker Award, Ohio Civil Rights Commission Excellence Award, The Arts Consortium's Dream Keeper Award
  • Member International Association of Official Human Rights Workers and National Association of Human Rights Workers.
  • Community/Police Relations/Crime/Justice System
  • Neighborhood/Small Business Development/Jobs/Housing
  • Education/Youth Development/Health Care/Elderly
Sam Malone Click here for more information about this candidate 25,222 votes 5.56%
  • Occupation: Councilmember, City of Cincinnati and Real Estate Purchaser
  • Neighborhood: Walnut Hills
  • Education: Associates of Arts, Vincennes University
  • Pursuing completion of Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Xavier University
  • Increase public safety throughout the City, especially in crime hot spots
  • Increase fiscal responsibility of City government
  • Improve and increase community & economic development opportunities and outcomes in our communities
Chris Smitherman Click here for more information about this candidate 24,028 votes 5.30%
  • Occupation: Independent Financial Advisor
  • Neighborhood: North Avondale
  • Education: Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling, Bowling Green State University, 1993
  • achelor of Arts in Criminology/Criminal Justice, The Ohio State University, 1989
  • Fiscal responsibility for all City finances
  • Improved police-community relations; and
  • The transportation--employment--environment link.
Damon Lynch, III Click here for more information about this candidate 21,918 votes 4.84%
  • Occupation: Pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church in Over-the-Rhine
  • Neighborhood: Avondale
  • Education: Cincinnati Public School system and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cincinnati Bible College
  • 1. To make the city a full partner with the Cincinnati Public Schools in the education of our children
  • 2. To make our neighborhoods safe and economically strong
  • 3. To work with private industry and labor to not only create jobs, but also ensure Cincinnatians are trained to hold the jobs and are hired.
Wendell Young Click here for more information about this candidate 21,070 votes 4.65%
  • Occupation: Cincinnati City Council Candidate
  • Education: Cincinnati Public Schools of South Avondale, Samuel Ach Jr. High and Hughes High School
  • U.S. Air Force Veteran; Retired Cincinnati Police Sergeant; Asst. Director of Personnel/EEO Officer
  • Nominated for U.S. Marshal/Southern District of Ohio by U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum
  • Asst. to the Cincinnati Police Academy Commander
  • Diversity Manager & Training Institute Director for MSD of Greater Cincinnati
  • Work with the police and neighborhoods to reduce crime.
  • Work to improve and restore neighborhood business districts.
  • Work with Cincinnati Public Schools to help improve the education of our children.
Eve Bolton Click here for more information about this candidate 19,324 votes 4.26%
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Neighborhood: College Hill
  • Education: Aiken Sr. High School graduate (1969); College of Wooster (BA + 1973) Political Science and Ohio Teaching Certificate
  • To end contentious bickering and self-serving politics that is played at City Hall.
  • Speak honestly and act fairly to reconcile differences that divide us racially.
  • Commit to where citizens live, not where corporations will invest so we can renew the livability of all of our neighborhoods.
John Eby Click here for more information about this candidate 16,074 votes 3.55%
  • Occupation: Electrical Engineer
  • Neighborhood: Westwood
  • Education: Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Vice-chair Citizens Complaint Authority; Community Action Agency
  • Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
  • Westwood Civic Association
  • Veteran Ohio Army National Guard 1/147th
  • Crime and Safety
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Neighborhood Business and Housing Development
Samantha Herd Click here for more information about this candidate 13,937 votes 3.07%
  • Occupation: Legislative Aide
  • Neighborhood: Walnut Hills
  • Education: B.S. Biology & Certificate in Urban Planning, University of Cincinnati
  • Chief of Staff, Mayor Charlie Luken, 1999-2000
  • Aide, Vice Mayor Tyrone K. Yates, 1995-1999
  • Director, Cincinnati Urban YMCA branches, 2001-2003
  • Aide, State Representative Tyrone K. Yates, 2003 - now
  • Creating and Attracting Jobs
  • Developing our Neighborhoods & Riverfront
  • Protecting our Tax Dollars
Nick Spencer Click here for more information about this candidate 9,274 votes 2.05%
  • Occupation: Small Business Owner (Alchemize Bar, 1122 Walnut Street)
  • Neighborhood: Hyde Park
  • Founder of Cincinnati Tomorrow, a non-profit group working to rebuild Cincinnati 's population base.
  • Organizer of the weekly After 5 Walks to support our neighborhoods and locally-owned businesses.
  • Provide Real, Visionary Leadership at City Hall.
  • Building a Stronger Economy: Support small business growth, re-institute Community Planning, and focus on quality of life in our neighborhoods.
  • Fighting For Safer Streets: Hiring more police officers and increasing walking patrols, more jail space and a full housing court.
Paul McGhee Click here for more information about this candidate 5,271 votes 1.16%
  • Occupation: Contractor
  • Neighborhood: Avondale
  • Education: University of Cincinnati, Associates Degree in Sociology; Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Vice President, Avondale Community Council
  • President, Avondale Community Council
  • 30 years military service
  • More Community Involvement
  • Lower Taxes
  • Fairness
Gerry Kraus Click here for more information about this candidate 4,628 votes 1.02%
  • Occupation: Community Coordinator (Retired)
  • Neighborhood: North Avondale
  • Education: Smith College BA '54 Government major;Edgcliffe College & UC Medical School-42 credit hours
  • Cincinnati Board of Health 1998-2004
  • Cincinnati Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission
  • 200 Greater Cincinnatians Award (1988)-city of Cincinnati at its Bicentennial celebration
  • Strengthen City Neighborhoods
  • Reduce Crime
  • Improve Quality of Life for City residents
William S. "Stew" Mathews, II Click here for more information about this candidate 3,832 votes 0.85%
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Neighborhood: Hartwell
  • Education: Finneytown High School (1968); University of Cincinnati (1972)
  • Chase College of Law (NKU) (1977)
  • Work to improve the image of Cincinnati locally and nationally
  • Work to improve police/community relations
  • Work to improve downtown Cincinnati
Robert J. Wilking Click here for more information about this candidate 3,689 votes 0.81%
  • Occupation: Advertising Coordinator
  • Neighborhood: Oakley
  • Education: B.S. Political Science, Xavier
  • Work with the new Mayor, City Manager and Chief Streicher to support an anti-crime program promoted by all three.
  • Build coalitions towards increasing services shared by regional governments.
  • Improving communication of city policies/procedures with Community Councils and citizens, as well as improving it between Community Councils.
Ishaq Nadir 3,087 votes 0.68%
Eric Wilson Click here for more information about this candidate 2,982 votes 0.66%
  • Occupation: Mortgage Banker
  • Neighborhood: Mt. Auburn
  • Education: incinnati Public Schools, University of Cincinnati, BA Political Science, Attended Golden Gate Law School San Francisco, California
  • Crime + Safety
  • Neighborhoods
  • Education
Michael Earl Patton Click here for more information about this candidate 2,708 votes 0.60%
  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Neighborhood: Oakley
  • Education: Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from U.C.
  • Improving community/police relations in order to better fight crime. Requires commitment to the Collaborative Agreement.
  • Lowering taxes, which the city has been raising by creating TIF districts and thereby hurting those on limited incomes.
  • Improving the bus system through city control, not county as it is now.
Curtis Wells 2,392 votes 0.53%
Robert Wilson Click here for more information about this candidate 2,259 votes 0.50%
  • Occupation: Satellite Technician
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Education: Working towards Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies.
  • Working toward certificate in Urban Planning.
  • Working toward Associate's Degree in Militarty Technology.
  • State Honors Diploma from Northwest High.
  • Member of the Ohio Air National Guard.
  • Regain the population lost from Cincinnati.
  • Expand our youth's opportunities.
  • Reduce Crime in the city.
Ronnie Stallworth 2,175 votes 0.48%
Bill Barron Click here for more information about this candidate 1,785 votes 0.39%
  • Occupation: Pastor
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Education: Some college, pastor over 10 years
  • 1. If we spend Downtown we need to spend in the Neighborhoods across the board including corporations.
  • Create jobs, so crime will go down and revenues come in.
  • Get the city to comply with the courts.
Bennie Green Click here for more information about this candidate 1,741 votes 0.38%
  • Occupation: CSR Customer Service Representative
  • Neighborhood: Eden Park
  • Education: Western Hills High School + Diploma
  • Neighborhoods
  • Economic development
  • Homeless
Victor Phillips Click here for more information about this candidate 1,638 votes 0.36%
  • Occupation: Admissions Representative
  • Neighborhood: North Avondale
  • Education: University of Cincinnati, B.S. Mathematical Science
  • Youth Pastor; Business Owner
  • First Candidate to File to run for office
  • Founder of "Food for Folks"
  • Better Police & Community Relations
  • Safer Neighborhoods
  • Revitalizing Communities
Antonio Hodge 1,218 votes 0.27%

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The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area has asked all candidates for this office to respond to 5 questions on Qualification, Priorities, Accessiblity, Recycling, and Housing.


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October 10,2005 Meet the Candidates Cincinnati City Council Talber House Executive Office 2600 Victory Parkway (45206) 4:30 pm Socialize with Candidates 5:00 pm Candidate Presentations (Program will conclude at 6:30 pm) for more information

The "Meet the Candidates" evening sponsored by Clifton Town Meeting will be held on Monday, October 24, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. at the Clifton Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Avenue in Clifton. Invited are candidates for Cincinnati Mayor, Cincinnati City Council and Cincinnati School Board.
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