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Fresno, Tulare County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Juan Arambula

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 31

This information is provided by the candidate

Professional Associations & Organizations

American Federation of State, County &
Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
Armenian National Committee of Central California
Armenian Rights Council of America, Western District
Association of California School Administrators
Black Political Council
California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAPH)
California Association of Nurse Anesthetists (CANA)
California Association of Realtors (CAR)
California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges & Hearing Officers in State Employment (CASE)
California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA)
California Credit Union League
California Dept of Forestry Firefighters (CDF)
California Faculty Association (CFA)
California Federation of Teachers (CFT)
California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV)
California Medical Association, CALPAC
California Nurses Association PAC (CNA)
California Organization of Police & Sheriffs (COPS)
California Police Chiefs Association
California Professional Firefighters
California School Employees Association (CSEA)
California Small Business Association (CSBA)
CA State Employees Association (CSEA), SEIU 1000
California State Firefighters Association
California State Sheriffs Association
California Teachers Association (CTA)
California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
CA Independent Public Employees Legis. Council
CA Union of Safety Employees (CAUSE)
Crime Victims United of California (CVUC)
Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
Fowler Police Officers Association
Fresno City Fire Fighters Association, Local 753
Fresno County Deputy Probation Officer's Assn
Fresno Deputy Sheriffs Association (FDSA)
Fresno Police Officers Association (FPOA)
Fresno Madera Tulare Kings Central Labor Council Internatl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #100
Los Angeles Police Protective League
Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union
National Association of Social Workers, CA Chapter
Parlier Police Officers Association
Peace Officers Research Assn of California (PORAC)
Professional Engineers in CA Government (PECG)
Reedley Police Officers Association
Sacramento Women's Campaign Fund
Sanger Police Officers Association
Selma Police Officers Association
SEIU California State Council
Sierra Club California
State Center Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1533
State Coalition of Probation Organizations
United Farm Workers of America
United Auto Workers Region V CAP Council (UAW)

Federal Representatives

Senator Diane Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
Congressman Cal Dooley
Congressman John Krebs (former)
Congressman Rick Lehman (former)

State Representatives

Lieutenant Governor Cruz M. Bustamante
Attorney General Bill Lockyer
Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell
State Senator Jim Costa (former)
State Senator Dean Florez
State Senator Gloria Romero
State Senator Richard Polanco (former)
State Senator George Zenovich (former)
Assembly Moderate Caucus
Assemblymember Sarah Reyes (incumbent)
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez
Assemblymember Joe Canciamilla
Assemblymember John Dutra
Assemblymember George Nakano
Assemblymember Bruce Bronzan (former)

Fresno County Representatives

Schools Superintendent Dr. Pete Mehas
Sheriff Richard Pierce (Fresno County)
Sheriff Bill Wittman (Tulare County)
Chief Probation Officer Larry Price
Sheriff Steve Magarian (former)
Sheriff Hal McKinney (former)
Auditor/Controller Vicki Crow
Coroner/Public Administrator Lori Cervantes
Supervisor Susan Anderson (Board Chair)
Supervisor John Donaldson (former)
Supervisor Stan Oken (former)
Supervisor John V. Silva, Madera County

Fresno County School Board

Dr. Allen Clyde, President
Dr. Sally Tannenbaum
Charles Francis (former)
Violet Heintz (former)

State Center Community College Board members

William J. Smith, President
Isabel Barreras, Secretary
Phil Forhan
Patrick `Pat' Patterson
Dorothy `Dottie' Smith

Juan Arambula has secured the endorsement of
14 of the 15 Mayors in Fresno County.

City of Clovis

Mayor Lynne Ashbeck
Councilmember Joe Flores
Councilmember Harry Armstrong
Councilmember Pay Wynne (former)
School Board member Naomi Strom (former)

City of Coalinga

Mayor Ron Lander

City of Dinuba

Mayor Pro Tem Terry McKittrick
City Councilmember Emilio `Joey' Morales
City Councilmember Tomas Payan
School Board member Victorio Rojas
School Board member Nancy McKittrick

City of Firebaugh

Mayor George Conklin
Mayor Pro Tem Craig Knight
Councilmember Dr. Marcia Sablan
Councilmember Clement Borboa
School Board President Dr. Oscar Sablan
School Board member Gilbert Coelho

City of Fowler

Mayor Jim Simonian
Councilmember Henry Fernandez
Councilmember David Cardenas
Councilmember Astine Zadourian
School Board member Henry Murrieta
Councilmember Gary Serrato (former)

City of Fresno

Mayor Alan Autry
Councilmember Tom Boyajian
Councilmember Mike Dages
Councilmember Henry T. Perea
Councilmember Cynthia Sterling
Councilmember Leonel Alvarado (former)
Councilmember Esther Padilla (former)
Councilmember Henry R. Perea (former)
Councilmember Sal Quintero (former)
Councilmember Craig Scharton (former)
Councilmember Joe Williams (former)

Fresno Unified School Board members

Pat Barr, School Board President
Luisa Medina
Michael O'Hare
Dr. Tony Vang
David Wright
Bob Arroyo (former)
Ron Dangaran (former)
Sara Hedgpeth Harris (former)
Dick Johanson (former)
Jerry McMenamin (former)
Nancy Richardson (former)
Dottie Rohlfing (former)
Margaret Sharp (former)

City of Huron

Mayor Javier Gonzalez
City Councilmember Tommy Monreal
City Councilmember Jose Cruz Diaz
Mayor Ramon Dominguez (former)
Mayor Tony E. Silva (former)
Councilmember Angie Cortez (former)

City of Kerman

Mayor Ken Moore
Mayor Pro Tem Trinidad Rodriguez
Councilmember Gian Rakkar
Councilmember Nancy Dominguez
School Board President Jose Dominguez
School Board member Brian Pacheco

City of Kingsburg

Mayor Leland Bergstrom

City of Mendota

Mayor Alfonso Sierras
Mayor Pro Tem Yvette Quiroga
Councilmember Joseph Riofrio
Councilmember Robert Silva
Councilmember John C. Flores
School Board President Sergio Valdez
School Board member Isabel Maldonado
School Board member Mary Ellen Silva
School Board member Freddie Valdez
Mayor Joseph Amador (former)
Councilmember Alex Valdez (former)
School Board member Jessie Maldonado (former)

City of Orange Cove

Mayor Victor Lopez

City of Parlier

Mayor Armando Lopez
Mayor Pro Tem Rick Maldonado
Councilmember Ed Barela
Councilmember Yolanda Padilla
Councilmember Raul Villanueva
School Board member Jose Cardenas
School Board member Bertha Gutierrez
School Board member Yolanda Montalvo
School Board member Sammy V. Rodriguez
Mayor Luis Patlan (former)
Councilmember Frank Andrade (former)
Councilmember Mary Marquez Sanchez (former)

City of Reedley

Mayor Pro Tem Marge Gobby
Councilmember Ray Soleno
Mayor Larry Wilder (former)
School Board member Pete Chavez
School Board member Anita Betancourt (former)

City of San Joaquin

Mayor Amarpreet Dhaliwal
Mayor Pro Tem Rosemary A. Ramirez
City Councilmember Tehal Dhesi
City Councilmember Mary Helen Reynaga
City Councilmember Betty Vallejo

City of Sanger

Mayor Sandra Neri
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Montelongo
Councilmember Martin Castellano
Councilmember Art Marquez
Councilmember Rosa Pena
School Board member Jim Karle, President
School Board member Jim Gonzalez
School Board member Paul Hernandez Sr.
School Board member Steve Mulligan
School Board member Jesse Vasquez
Councilmember Erlinda F. Martinez (former)
School Board member Tim Chapa (former)
School Board member Merry Henry (former)

City of Selma

Mayor Dennis Lujan
Mayor Pro Tem Don Tow
Councilmember Michael Derr
School Board President, Johnny L. Smith
School Board Vice President, Andrew Vasquez
School Board member John Lorona
School Board member Bob Petersen
School Superintendent Anthony Monreal, Jr.
Mayor Ralph Garcia (former)
Selma Superintendent Dr. Steve Bojorquez (former)

Rural School Boards

Terry Cox, Central Unified School Board
Larry Gilio, Golden Plains Unified School Board
Catarino Ruiz, Golden Plains Unified School Board
Daniel Safreno, Raisin City Superintendent
Anthony Monreal, Sr., Raisin City School Board
Lupe Zuniga, Raisin City School Board
Michael Lane, Visalia Unified School Board
Jack Minnite, West Hills Community College Board

Juan Arambula has secured the endorsement of 12 Past Presidents of the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce.

Al Alarcon
Leonel Alvarado
Robert Carter
Doug Davidian
Larry Johanson
Richard Johanson
William M. Lyles
Jim Pardini
Helen Smades
Gerald L. Tahajian
Gordie Webster, Jr.
Larry Willey

Business & Community Leaders

Jorge Acuna, San Joaquin Religious Goods
Robert `Bob' Aguilar, The International Group
Al Alarcon, Liberty Realty
Bruce Allbright, Allbright Cotton
Dr. Andrew Alvarado
Leonel Alvarado, Century Builders
Farid Assemi, Granville Homes
Ed Avila
Tim Bakman, Bakman Water Company
Larry Balakian
Bruce Barnett, Educational Employees Credit Union
Judith Lund Bell
Barry Bennett, Bennett & Sharpe
Carol Bequette
Robert E. Bergin, Kimble MacMichael & Upton
Hal Bolen II, Bolen, Franson & Russell
Bill Brewster
Dave Brodie, The Compass Group
Cathy Caples
Tony Capozzi, Law Offices
Michael Cardenas, C.P.A.
Art Cardoza
Bob Carter, Creative Alternatives to Litigation
Andrew Casado, Sr., Cal-West Packing Company
Kevin Castanos, Wathen-Castanos, Inc.
Antonio `Tony' Castillo
Cary Catalano, Catalano Fenske & Assoc.
Lilia Chavez
Meher Chekerdemian
Angie Cisneros
Pablo Contreras
Joan Conway
Mike Conway, Ashwood Construction
Ildefonso Cruz, M.D.
Benjamin Cuellar
Doug Davidian, California Business Furnishings
Pilar De La Cruz-Reyes
Ed Donaghy, Donaghy Sales
Ron Donaldson, Tron Construction
Diana Dooley
Cynthia Downing, Professional Exchange Services
Dr. Tom Downing, D.D.S.
Bob Duncan, Duncan Enterprises
Carmen Eanni, Miles, Sears & Eanni
Jose Elgorriaga
Maria E. Escobar
Babs Eskin
Mary Helen Espino
Denise & Paul Espinosa
Armida Espinoza
Pao Fang
Edward Fanucchi, Quinlan Kershaw & Fanucchi
Don Fischbach, Baker Manock & Jensen
Bryn Forhan
Larry & Jane Fortune, Fortune Associates
David Fox, M.D.
Linda Fraley, M.D.
James Ganulin, Baker Manock & Jensen
Venancio Gaona
Kathy Garabed
Anne Gaston
Bud Gaston
Harry Gill, Gill Insurance Agency
Don Glasrud, Dietrich Glasrud Mallek & Aune
Gloria Gomez
Larry Gonzales
Julio Gramajo, Las Palmas Counseling Center
Wanda Grayson
George Gunderson
James & Coke Hallowell
John Harris, Harris Farms
Jim Hendricks, James Hendricks & Associates
Dr. Tou Herr
Rev. Bryan & Edie Jessup
Larry Johanson, Johanson Transportation
Kathryn Ortega Jones
Dr. Su Kapoor
Mike Kelton, Inland Star Distribution Center
Mark Keppler
Rosellen Kershaw
Robert N. `Bob' Klein, II, Klein Financial Corp.
Harry Kubo
Hanna & John Krebs
Ohanes Kutnerian, Fresno Guest Home
Annette LaRue
Don Larson
Claude Laval, Claude Laval Corporation
Erwin & Lillian Lehmann
Bill & Laurie Leifer
Dr. Mitzi Lowe
Sam Lucido, Samuel A. Lucido Investments
Bill Lyles
Marina Magdaleno
Captain Richard Maldonado
Nancy Marquez
Rich Marr, U S Mall Holdings
Nancy Marsh
Lou Martinez
Ken & Carol Maul
Ruth McKenry, McKenry Farms
Vic McLane
Marguerite McMenamin
Josie Mena
Robert D. Merrill
Marvin Meyers, Meyers Farms
Patience Milrod
John Moffat, Slater Moffat Associates LLP
Victor & Lali Moheno
Bob Montion
Hugo Morales
Suzanne Moreno Alvarado
Dr. Edward & Marian Mosley
Sam Norman
Dorothy Oken
Jerry Pacheco
Sam Pack
Americo Papaleo
Jim Pardini, Pardini's Catering
Jim Parks
Rev. Walt Parry
Gabriel Pena, Pena's Disposal
Dr. Alan Pierrot
Josephine Phyllis Preciado, M.D.
Laurie Primavera
Frank Quintana
Alex Ramos
Angie Rios, The Rios Company
Alice & Joe Rocha
Betty Rodriquez
Diana & Tino Rodriguez
Polo Rodriguez
Paulie Romero
Fred Ruiz, Ruiz Foods
Jackie Ryle, Empowerment Strategies
Paul Saito, Saito Associates
Val Saldana & Laurie Quigley
Richard Sawtelle
Lenore Schreiber
Eli Setencich
Jim Shekoyan, Baker Manock & Jensen
Bishop John Sims
Rev. Ken Smiley
Dr. Noel & Gloria Smith
Gary Soto
Tom A. Stefanopoulos, Stamoules Produce
Rick Steitz, Amalgamated Transit Union President
Bill Stewart
Kris Stuebner
Phil Traynor
Roger Van Groningen, Van-G Trucking
Charlie & Rebecca Vang
Leoncio Vasquez
Bernadette Vazquez
Howard K. Watkins
Gloria Watts
John & Genie Waugh, Gray Lift, Inc.
James D. Weakley, Weakley Ratliff Arendt & McGuire
Gordon M. Webster, Jr.
Lucile Wheaton
Paul C. White
Robert Wilkinson
Larry Willey, Willey Tile
Jennifer & Hugh Williamson
Dr. Arthur Wint
Ken Wiseman
Stuart Woolf, Woolf Farms
Lue Yang
[partial list]

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