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Riverside County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Candidates Answer Questions on the Issues
United States Representative; District 45; Republican Party

The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of California and asked of all candidates for this office.

See below for questions on Federal Resources, Foreign Policy, Federal Budget

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1. What can be done to ensure that California gets its fair share of federal resources?

Answer from John C. Barker:

Those who are elected to Federal Office must exert all the pressure they can in Washington to get California its fair share of Federal Resources. Unfortunately since Calif. voted Democratic a Republican President will not do much for California.

2. What are your foreign policy priorities for the United States?

Answer from John C. Barker:

It is imperative we balance the trade with China (Basic Law of Foreign Trade--it must be balanced or in a few years one Country will have all the Money) In a few years China will have all our money that Japan did not get (We never have balanced the trade w/Japan) Balancing trade w/China means they buy 100-200 Billion? more from us this will create 100's of thousands of jobs we have lost from buying so much from China.

3. What are your priorities for the federal budget?

Answer from John C. Barker:

50,000,000 Americans have no Hospitalization. We need an affordable Medical Care Plan for the Working Man.

50,000,000 Americans living now will die from Smoking, we need to take a little of the 200 Billion given by cigarette Co.s and find a cure for Nicotine, I am sure 1 billion would do it.

Develop low cost Generic Drugs for Senior Citizens.

5 year Contracts with Oil Producing Countries for $25.00 a barrel (Oil producing countries would be happy with this) This equates to $1.20 a gal for Gas pump price.Oil Co's would make 30 cents a gal which they are happy with.

Their is enough energy in the Deutronium in a backyard swimming pool to supply all the energy needs in the USA for one day. Lawrence Laboratories in Livermore, Calif. have been trying to contain the Heat Generated in Atomic Reaction of Deutronium.(There is no radiation generated only water vapor.) Money must be provided to find a way to contain the heat and the world will have unlimited cheap power.

Responses to questions asked of each candidate are reproduced as submitted to the League. 

The order of the candidates is random and changes daily.

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