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Sacramento County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure G
Utility User Tax
County of Sacramento

150,943 / 52.7% Yes votes ...... 135,565 / 47.3% No votes

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Results as of Nov 25 1:17pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (872/872)
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Shall the County of Sacramento continue to collect the existing utility user tax within its unincorporated area in the amount of 2.5% upon the use of electricity, natural gas, landline telephone, cable television and sewer service?

Impartial Analysis from the Sacramento County Counsel
If approved by voters, Measure G would add Chapter 3.40 to the Sacramento County Code, allowing the County of Sacramento to continue to collect the existing utility user tax within the unincorporated area of the county. Approval of the measure would maintain the current 2.5% tax upon the use of electricity, natural gas, landline telephone, cable television and sewer service to raise revenue for general governmental purposes. Certain exemptions from taxation would apply, as specified in detail by Section 3.40.060 of the ordinance, including exempting certain agricultural service use, the first $45 in total monthly residential electric charges, and baseline rate usage charges for natural gas furnished for residential service users.

Measure G requires approval by a majority vote of the qualified voters of the County of Sacramento voting in the election on the issue.

  News and Analysis

The Sacramento Bee

Measure G puts county services in voters' hands The utility-user tax vote will determine the fate of $16 million in programs.
Monday, October 14, 2002
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Arguments For Measure G Arguments Against Measure G
Measure G does not raise your taxes -- not one penny. Nor does it impose any new taxes.

Instead, Measure G protects vital funding for neighborhood police patrols, deputies on school grounds, park maintenance and other essential services that benefit you and your family directly--not by raising your taxes, but by keeping the county's utility tax at the same level it has been for the past eleven years.

Law enforcement, firefighters, health care, education, labor, small business and other local community groups support Measure G. All agree Measure G is a reasonable and responsible way to protect local services and improve our community's quality of life.

Without Measure G, local government will lose $16 million a year, forcing deep cuts in local services, higher taxes, or both. This is not a threat to scare or punish voters. It is economic reality. Because of a slowing economy and deep state funding cuts, the county is already facing a multi-million-dollar budget crisis.

Without Measure G, this crisis will grow worse. Police patrols will be reduced, parks will deteriorate and other services will suffer. Yes onMeasure G will prevent this.

Crime Victims United Executive Director Nina Salarno says Measure G "is a well-crafted plan that keeps streets, schools and neighborhoods safe by funding police patrols, crime investigations and criminal prosecutions. Lois Wright of the American River Parkway Association says Measure G "will allow us to maintain our parks and recreation areas, including the American River Parkway." And according to Los Rios Community College Trustee Terry Cochran, Measure G "protects taxpayers and the local services we depend on."

Measure G does not raise your taxes. It protects law enforcement, schools, parks and other essential services that directly benefit you and your family. Please vote "yes" on Measure G.

/s Jan Scully, District Attorney, Sacramento County

/s Matt Mahood, President/CEO, Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce

/s Lou Blanas, Sheriff, Sacramento County

/s Robert Mange, California Teacher of the Year 1986

/s Rick Martinez, Fire Chief, Sacramento Metro Fire District


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