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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Eddie Rose

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 48

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I am a populist conservative in the tradition of Davy Crockett and the late Howard Jarvis. I am a long-time member of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) and a staunch taxpayers'rights, seniors' rights, consumers' rights, and victims' rights advocate.

The need for campaign reform in American politics is imperative. To become a viable candidate for political office today, one has to either be independently wealthy, or be willing to abandon or renounce whatever principles he or she may have previously held in return for lucrative campaign contributions---needless to say, with strings tightly attached. For when someone gives you big contributions for your political campaign, it's not because they like your looks---it's because they want something in return! That is why corruption is so rampant in government today. Special interests (whether it be big developers, tobacco companies, teachers' unions, the Hollywood elite, etc.) exert a disproportionate influence on government, and, as a result, the individual citizen is unrepresented. As your elected representative in Congress, I intend to introduce legislation that will provide for menaingful campaign reform, with appropriate limits on campaign contributions, and strict enforcement of conflict-of-interest laws.

A second issue which threatens our very safety and security is the influx of illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, into the United States. What we must do is secure our borders, by utilizing greater military presence at border entry points. Illegals must not be permitted entry, with apparent impunity, into our country. It makes no sense whatsoever to place checkpoints some 50 to 60 miles into the United States (just south of San Clemente on I-5, and just North of Fallbrook on I-15). Instead, there should be sufficient safeguards---right at the border---to prevent illegals from entering our country in the first place. And those who have already entered our country illegally should be deported. California's Governor Gray Davis has violated his oath of office by refusing to defend Proposition 187 (passed overwhelmingly by California voters) in the courts, as required by law. Therefore, the Governor is unfit to hold office and must be recalled. I further support the new Save Our State (SOS) initiative which would require the Department of Justice to verify the identity of all applicants for driver's licenses and welfare benefits.

A third issue which is of great importance to the citizens of our district is the proliferation of urban sprawl, particularly in South Orange County and North San Diego County. Greedy developers, in concert with corrupt local government officials, have conspired to take virtually every last bit of available open space. Where once existed beautiful greenbelts and bountiful orange groves, we now see wall-to-wall houses, mega-shopping centers, and strip malls. If nothing else, we owe future generations a legacy of open space, natural habitats, wetlands, parks, and recreational areas. If we continue along the path of unchecked development, we will suffer the inevitable consequences of urban sprawl, including traffic gridlock, air and noise pollution, and crime. Therefore, I support Proposition 12, the California Park and Wildlife Bond Act, which will permanently protect wildlife and native plant habitat, park and natural lands, trails, redwoods, and key areas along the California coast. I also support Measure F (the Safe and Healthy Communities initiative), which would prohibit local governments from building airports, jails, landfills, toll roads, or other objectionable projects in communities without a 2/3 vote of the people in the affected communities.

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