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Candidate for
United States Representative; District 14

This information is provided by the candidate


Fellow Americans, good evening:

I am Bill Quraishi. I am a candidate for congress for 14th District, the heart of Silicon Valley that extends from Half Moon Bay to Cupertino.

You have been hearing all the twisted or make you feel good answers by many candidates to confuse American people about issues and concerns facing us today.

Education, health care, social security & medicare, taxes and economy, environment, housing and transportation and most of all deep public skepticism voters see dominated by naked partisanship and campaign cash.

We have issues that concern our Silicon Valley people like H-1B visas, permanent R & D tax exemption, hands off internet, reduction of capital gain tax and elimination of death tax.

We all agree that our exuberant economy must continue.

However, nationally we have 30 million Americans who are food insecure and go hungry every night and one third of them are children.

Locally, in San Mateo County, 2 in 20 children live in poverty, 25 in 100 children are in low income families and more than 1000 children are homeless.

In Santa Clara County, 3 in 20 children live in poverty, 30 in 100 children live in low income families and 6700 children are homeless.

Parents tout their children on their bumper stickers who are honor students that make all of us proud.

As a parent of three super kids, education begins at home. It takes lot of hard work, discipline and control from parents to work with them through rigorous and awarding exercises. PTA's, open houses, meeting with teachers, home work, lugging kids around all over the peninsula by parents for games and paying attention to what they learn at school and who their friends are.

If you going to watch blood and gore movies that is what children are going to do.

If you are going to unwind consuming two bottles of wine at the end of the day that is what children are going to do.

If you consume drugs and smoke to feel high that is what children are going to do. These are just a few examples.

As a parent I speak from experience. Please visit my web site http://www.Qforcongress.com or call me at 650-726-2088 for a brochure that describes a record of our accomplishments, achievements and volunteerism that the community is proud of, a record that is envy of the nation.

Now let us talk about elections. 2 billion dollars have been spent to finance elections this year.

With millions of working families hardly making both ends meet, seniors who cannot buy prescription drugs and children living in property in the richest nation on earth, our financing of campaigns is obscene, immoral and un-American and non-representative of the American people.

The question is why we need so much money to represent people.

On the average 10 percent of the people eligible to vote participate in primaries and 20 percent in general, 80% of the electorate sleep, special interests know this fact that is why they buy of our elected people at local, state and federal levels to curry legislative favors.

Always the decision is lesser of the two evils. 30 million young people are simply not interested. Our democracy is in distress.

Campaigns should be shorts, publicly funded, say three months before election heavily dominated by debates on real issues concerning people not special interests.

I believe in term limits. A Representative should be able to go in, make a difference and come out. Our congressmen go in poor and come out rich with hefty pensions and incomes that is above the level of average citizen. They build their seniorities by prolonging their stay in the Congress.

They vote themselves pay raises in the middle of the night by voice votes.

They are always in recess of one or another kind. I wonder when they work.

I recommend to reduce their compensation to $70,000 that is double of $35,000 an average American family makes a year.

Build government housing for Congress. We house the president, military, so why not Congress.

Make every member of Congress to perform at least 100 hours of community service annually.

My opponent Anna Eshoo has hoarded half a million dollars for what? To intimidate opponents perhaps.

My race is as tight as others spending any money. With expenditure of 100 million dollars each, the presidential race is dead even. Look at Jim Cuneen and Mike Honda race in 15th district, with one million dollars each, the race is probably a toss up.

On September 12 in a New York race, Regina Seltzer, a 71 year old librarian out spent by 35 to 1 by her opponent, she won the primary over Mike Forbes by 35 votes margin who amassed a $1.4 million war chest, some of that coming from a fundraiser attended by Bill Clinton in April.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a year of upsets. Luron Gardner won over Russian heavy weight Alexander Karelin in Olympic 2000 in Sydney.

I have raised no money and don't have a political baggage and expect to win this race by an Upset making congressional history.

At a time when our nation needs the best from all of us, I am ready to serve and give my best to America.

If elected, I will work without pay and my salary will go out to the well being of poor children in the district. Let us prove that we can elect people without spending money. Please make my dream come true and help me to represent you on November 7. God bless you and good night.


Bill Quraishi is a new leader whose commitment to make America Stronger, Prouder and Better goes on unabated for us and our children.

  • Who would contribute his salary to local charities.
  • Who is a Citizen Legislator.
  • Who is not a professional Politician.
  • Who has no political baggage.
  • Who would limit congressioinal terms to 6 years.
  • Who would serve for three terms.
  • Who would reform campaign financing laws.
  • Who would legislate what is good for America.
  • Who will fight to keep the American Dream alive for working families.
  • Who will lower taxes and simplify the tax code.
  • Who will work for affordable Health Care/Child Care, patient rights and preserve Social Security.
  • Who will boost the strengths of our schools and wipe out the crime and drugs which threaten our society.
  • Who will reduce the traffic gridlocks and its environmental impact by installing Mass Rapid Transit Systems and develop alternate fuels.

Please visit my website http://www.Qforcongress.com and click on "News" and "Speeches" for more information.

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