Marin, Sonoma County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Community-Based Sustainable Economics

By Justin "Justo" Moscoso

Candidate for United States Representative; District 6

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As an alternative to an economy owned by either government or gigantic corporations, we favor a Jeffersonian model with ownership and control spread widely among Californians while still allowing for economic mobility.
Trade is important for the vitality of the economy. However, we must conduct our activities in ways that protect local, US and foreign workers in terms of environment, paying a living wage, and protecting human rights.

I, along with Green Party policy directions, would propose:

Call for an immediate suspension of the US membership in the WTO and conduct an inclusive and objective review of its purpose. Require accountability to the citizens of the US regarding its operation and any succeeding versions that may arise.

Change our foreign trade policies to discourage the exportation of jobs to countries that have weak labor and environmental laws--all of which results in workers and resources being easily exploited.

The Federal Government should reduce military spending by a minimum of 20%. A portion of these funds should be distributed to state and local governments to pay for infrastructure and public works projects.

Stop the enormous expansion of the prison industry, which will result in this being the largest item in the state budget in the near future. Not only is this an ineffective crime deterrent, it is more expensive than putting money into preventative programs such as education, training and job creation.

Allow citizen organizations to have input into the formation of county, state and federal budgets. Preliminary budget drafts should be made widely available to allow discussion and feedback.

Make strategic social investments to avoid much greater future costs. For example, investing in quality education and social programs will avoid future spending on prisons and welfare. Providing effective family planning services will avoid later costs associated with neglected children.

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