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United States Representative; District 39

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Gill Kanel-39th Congressional

While attending John Marshall Elementary School as a boy, I had an interest in politics. In fact, I ran for student council in the 6th grade and was elected. One of my responsibilities was to raise and lower the school's flags each day. That one act sparked my patriotism and my respect for our flag and what it stands for. I worked hard enough that year to be singled out of our 6th grade class to receive the American Legion Certificate of School Award. It included a framed certificate and a medal. I continued to serve in student council throughout my junior high and high school years, in many different capacities.

I entered the business community right after high school. I gained experience in many facets of running a small business, which eventually led to my dream of becoming a business owner. In 1986, at the age of 27 1 started a business of my own. And today, 14 years later I continue to run the Kanel Corporation.

Having been born in Fullerton and spending the first 40 years of my life right here in Southern California, I feel I have a unique perspective of what it has been like to see Orange County progress from a suburb of Los Angeles to its present standing as a huge metropolitan area of its own. Although we have experienced progress, I feel there has been short-sightedness on behalf of many of our elected officials, our current incumbent congressman included.

I continue to see the gridlock on our freeways. Our local oceans, at times are so polluted we can't play in them or eat the fish we catch because of contamination. It is obvious to me that the people we have elected to represent our concerns are not doing their jobs.

I feel that not enough is being done for our senior citizens. My parents are at an age in their lives where health care is a big concern. They, like a lot of folks, are living on a fixed income. The prescription drugs they depend on to maintain their lives are out of the price range of most people on fixed incomes.

What is wrong with our country when people must choose between taking the medicine they need to live, or going hungry, or even losing the roof over their heads because of the high cost of their medication? I will not let this stand.

Many of our elderly are concerned about Social Security. Democrats of all ages, and those on the other side of the aisle also share our concerns. But while the GOP has tried to convince you that they finally think Social Security is a good idea, it was the Democratic party and its leaders, way back in the 1930's who pushed this legislation and passed it into law, over the objections of the Republicans. The same is true about Medicare.

So while the narrow-minded people on the GOP side are trying to sell you on their devotion to Social Security benefits, don't forget who has had your best interests in mind, and has voted that way for the past 65 years -- the Democrats.

My concerns about education and violence in our schools are reinforced each day I read the paper or turn on our local television news. Kids are graduating from high school who can't read their diploma. There are metal detectors in schools because of gun violence. How long will you stand for this? These problems are unacceptable to me.

I support our Democratic platform, and know that government and industry working together are an unbeatable combination.

If elected to represent you, I know I can do a better job than your current congressman is doing. I will make sure our voices are heard in Washington, and something will be done about these and other important issues, such as:

A living Wage

A woman's right to choose

High cost of college education

Sex and violence on TV

Better quality HMO care

Continued strong economic growth

I support our Democratic platform, and know that government and industry working together are an unbeatable combination.

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