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The Anti-American Foreign Policy of The U.S. Government

By Edmon V. Kaiser

Candidate for United States Representative; District 19

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Thoughts on restoring America's sovereignty and hope for the American people.
Since World War II, the United States has engaged in the greatest international giveaway program ever conceived by man, and is now spending billions of dollars each year to aid foreign nations. There is no constitutional basis for foreign aid. These expenditures have won us no friends, and constitute a major drain on the resources of our taxpayers. Therefore, I advocate that:

no further funds be appropriated for any kind of foreign aid program;

United States participation in international lending institutions, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, be ended;

the Export-Import Bank be abolished;

all government subsidies, tax preferences, and investment guarantees to encourage U.S. businesses to invest in foreign lands be immediately terminated.

It is my opinion that GATT, NAFTA, and WTO agreements are sabotaging the economic well being of the American people and should be ended. We should stop exporting our jobs and industry to foreign countries. As a congressman I would work toward these goals.

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