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Oppose foreign "police intervention" such as in Kosovo

By Joe "Jay" Haytas

Candidate for United States Representative; District 28

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Before our Nation commits itself to sending our Armed Forces to fight in foreign lands there better be a darned good reason. We simply must not and cannot shed the blood of our service men and women for political reasons abroad where no significant American interests are at stake.
Foreign Policy

Our foreign policy should always represent the interest of the United States, and I believe that it should always be placed ahead of that of all foreign nations. The American people should always be for their own country first.

Virtually all of the American people came to this country from foreign lands in order to escape either religious or governmental oppression, and naturally did not want to become involved in the ancient blood feuds of foreign nations. There is every reason why America should stay out of foreign wars, unless attacked.

The American people have been, and still are, for the preservation of peace through strength, not through appeasement, unilateral disarmament, or pacifism. Our young people today are just as patriotic as they ever were when it comes to the defense of their own country. But they are not anxious to police the world. The only constitutional purpose and basis of foreign policy is to serve the best interests of the nation. It is not to be the world's policeman.

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