Alameda County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Legalize Freedom!

By Fred E. Foldvary

Candidate for United States Representative; District 9

This information is provided by the candidate
The war on drugs and other federal crimes without victims costs billions and destroys civil liberties. End civil asset forfeiture and eliminate victimless crime laws.
The federal government's war on drugs does not just act against drug users, but also against innocent people. Even though Californians voted in favor of medical marijuana, the federal government is prosecuting users and even killing people by denying them needed medicine. Peter McWilliams, author of several books, died because the federal government deprived him of the medical cannibis he needed in order to prevent vomiting out his AIDS medicine.

The federal government also prevents people from using alternative medicine not approved of by the FDA. It should be your choice, what medicine to take.

Government SWAT teams enter homes in the middle of the night and confiscate computers, files, and the whole house, even kiling people, though the residents are innocent of any crime.

If you think this is wrong, you need to vote for Foldvary for Congress.

The federal government also wages a war against our own human bodies. Parents who innocently take pictures of babies in bathtubs are treated as pornographers, their children taken away from them. Nude sunbathers at isolated federal beaches and springs are being arrested. Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

In the past, it was a victimless crime just to be an American Indian. Children were forcibly taken from their parents and forced to forget their language and culture. The federal government has still not fully honored its teaties with Native American Indians. Foldvary for Congress will advocate justice and liberty for American Indians.

African Americans have still not obtained full economic and social justice. The best anti-discrimination policy is economic opportunity and a free market where there is a high demand for all labor and where there are no barriers to becoming self-employed.

Latino/Hispanic and other immigrants have contributed to the growth of America. I oppose any English-only and other discriminatory laws.

Gays and lesbians have also been victims of government law. I support legislation enabling them to be domestic partners and mates with the same rights as spouses.

To eliminate arbitrary, unjust, and discriminatory laws, vote Foldvary for Congress.

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