Alameda County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Why vote for a minor party candidate?

By Fred E. Foldvary

Candidate for United States Representative; District 9

This information is provided by the candidate
When you vote, you vote not just for someone to represent you but for a basic approach to policy. You can either vote to support the present system or to fundamentally change the system. Vote for me, Fred Foldvary, for Congress if you favor fundamental changes.
The current system of government and social policy creates poverty, pollution, crime, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, economic depressions, political corruption, and problems getting adquate housing, and medical care. If you vote for major party candidates, you in effect endorse the current system. In effect, you are voting for the system that creates poverty, injustice, and all the other problems.

Foldvary for Congress provides a fundamental change in government and policy, based on ethical principles and sound economics.

1. Tax reform. Eliminate the federal income tax and all excise taxes, including all the hidden sales taxes and the tariffs. The federal government should instead get its revenue from pollution charges and rent payments for the use of natural resources, including minerals, oil, water, real-estate land (excluding all improvements), and radio-TV frequencies. The federal government could also get revenue directly from the States in proportion to their land value.

Eliminating federal as well as state income and sales taxes will double the income of most workers, and they will then be able to afford to buy their own housing and health care.

2. Repeal all laws that make crimes out of acts which have no victims. See my position on victimless crimes.

3. Eliminate civil asset forfeiture, where government confiscates your home, money, and car without any trial or conviction, even when you are totally innocent.

4. Decentralizing voting and government to bring decisions closer to the people and reduce the power of special interests.

In this Congressional district, the Democratic candidate will win. So it's not a matter of voting for someone who can win. We know who will win. It'a matter of what you want for policy. Will you vote to keep the dysfunctional system that causes poverty and conflict, or vote for fundamental reforms that lead to peace and prosperity?

Vote Foldvary for Congress if you favor fundamental reform.

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