Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino Counties, CA November 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Rodolfo G. Favila

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 41

This information is provided by the candidate

  • Health Care

Prosperity has not been widespread enough to provide access to health care to all Americans. In this great country we must ensure that all Americans including children, seniors and the working man and woman have health reform under a Democratic Congress. As Congressman, I will vote "YES" on Health Care Reform.

I support the following plan items being suggested by Vice President Al Gore:

1) "assuring rights for patients by passing legislation to keep medical records private and a strong enforceable Patients' Bill of Rights that gives patients critical protections, such as access to specialists, access to emergency room services and making health plans accountable for harming patients; 2) modernizing health care by focusing on prevention, individual responsibility, and new technologies to improve and measure quality; 3) building on the progress and possibilities of new research while protecting against the perils, such as genetic discrimination; 4) addressing the nations' unprecedented challenges due to the aging of the baby boomers by strengthening and modernizing Medicare, including providing a prescription drug benefit, and by proposing initiatives to support families with long-term care needs; and 5) working towards the goal of assuring all Americans have access to quality health care coverage." [from http://www.algore2000.com/agenda/agenda_healthcare.html]

  • Education

Our District (41) is in desperate need of new schools. Most of our elementary and high schools are overcrowded, and/or in need of expansion or repair.

In California, we have built 32 prisons in the last 8 years AND ONLY 1 University. As Congressman, I will vote in Congress to build new schools and escalate the compensation we pay our teachers. "If we want the best and brightest in the class room, we have to pay accordingly.

I support the Tax deduction of College Tuition as proposed by President Clinton.

I support the spending increases and plans of Vice President Al Gore and Governor Gray Davis.

  • Water

We have a crisis in our underground water sources. Most cities in the 41st District have contaminated underground water tables. Water is an essential element in life to Southern California and to our families.

We have the money in Sacramento and Washington to clean the water we use. As Congressman, I will add the leadership and courage to begin cleaning up our water so we are no longer in danger of using contaminated ground water.

It will take millions of dollars to clean up the polluted ground water. The cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, Pomona and Upland all have highly polluted ground water due to un-cleaned 'traveling plums' that occur during storm runoff.

  • Transportation

Traffic continues to challenge our quality of life in the Southern California - especially the 41st District. The freeways are "gridlocked" and steal valuable hours daily from working men and women. Families suffer as a result.

We have the money in Washington to add light rail and additional spurs to alleviate traffic gridlock on our freeways. One example that we must expand the Alameda Corridor (coming from the west Los Angeles, stopping at the county line in Pomona). If this project is not expanded to continue the traffic bottlenecks will continue to worsen. We must expand the corridor east past Colton.

I will support public transportation rail that utilizes our existing freeway system as was developed by the 105 freeway. I will also work with business to promote ride share and telecommuting / virtual private office.

  • Gun Control

As a country we have taken steps to protect our children from the violence of guns in their schools and neighborhoods. However, as you know, we have not been successful enough.

We must prevent high-powered semi-automatic machine guns from getting into the hands of our children. That is why, as Congressman, I will support a common sense law on gun control.

  • U.S. Imports & Exports

This is a global economy and we must require the importing and exporting of goods and services to be fair and prosperous to protect the Environment and American Worker.

  • ECommerce & the Internet

ECommerce and the Internet has helped create new jobs and industries for this country. Growth in ECommerce is expected to be $3 trillion by 2003.

We should allow this economic segment to grow and continue to build momentum without government intervention until such time that we have developed a fair and adequate tax that does not limit growth.

  • Choice

A woman's right to choose must be respected.

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