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The Greater Challenge of Technology

By Michael Cuddehe

Candidate for United States Representative; District 24

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Technology is delivering greater and greater power into the hands of small groups and individuals. If this power is to be well used we must elevate our collective tendencies.
The number one issue facing America today is the challenge presented by the technological revolution. We are in the midst of a technological transformation of our society that eclipses all such changes in human history in terms of magnitude and speed. This change is a quantum leap in technical capability that is shifting power to do good, and to do evil, from governments to smaller groups and individuals. The destructive capabilities of the new technologies can no longer be controlled by governments. Such schemes as the "star wars" missile shield are futile and a horrendous waste of money. Even if we give up our precious freedoms in an attempt at creating security, we will still not be successful. Indeed, we will find that we have made a Faustian bargain.

Our world, and all the good and bad in it, doesn't just happen to us. We create it. With our growing technological mastery we are developing the capacity to create heaven on earth, or hell, depending on our collective tendencies. America is in dire need of a collective quantum leap in consciousness to match the quantum leap in technology. If we continue to conduct our affairs in the primitive, reactive, often violent way that we have until now, then our technology and the power it bestows will soon outstrip our ability to govern it. No other issue is as significant as this one.

America needs to adopt policies and procedures that will enliven the direct perception of the profound degree of interconnectedness and common interests we all share. The only organization in the world that is attempting to meet this need in the political arena, which is where it needs to be met, is the Natural Law Party. If we so choose, together we can meet the challenge. We have created the current dismal status quo, and it is our right and responsibility to create a new status quo that favors a rational, harmonious and forward-looking political process. Those who wish to do so should vote for the Natural Law Party.

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