Los Angeles County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Opening Statement

By David L. Cossak

Candidate for United States Representative; District 26

This information is provided by the candidate
Change is happening. Why not be a part of it?
This is my 3rd opportunity to run for office. My original reasons of changing the education and health care system still stands as to why I am running. By doing so I hope to inform people that there are alternatives that we can turn to without disrupting what's in place now. I myself took care of a terminally ill parent until April of this year and have been a single father over the last 7 years with children of 18 and 12 years old. I have battled the health care system and the school system continualy over the years. Attempting to get a proper education for my children and medical assistance for my mother. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am in both systems.

Over the years what I have observed in our elected officials is a lack of COMMON SENSE. The have mostly been in a quagmire of greed and special interests. They have gotten too comfortable in the lifestyle to do what's in the best interests of the people who vote for them. The major contributors to the two parties getting what it is that they pay for and giving a bare minimum to the populace.

It's no longer about which party has power. Neither one actually does, they have sold their power/allegence to the highest bidder. It's no longer about parties in general. It's about leadership. We haven't seen true leadership in this coutry in our political system for a very long time.

In my bid to be a member of Congress I have created a system that would begin and eventually create a feeling of real community. Everyone will begin to feel a genuine part of their community, city, state and country. My ideas do not involve in radically changing the way we do things on a National level. It involves changing the district so other districts can follow our example. My ideas work withing the governmental laws that are already established. Eventually the laws that are obsolete or not beneficial will be changed. My ideas are designed to create a safer living enviroment, a better educational system, a better health care network using the type of care that you want. A system that will give better care to the elderly and homeless and give you the ability to lower your taxes and much more.

Has having the incumbent Howard Berman helped you live a safer, more prosperous life? Do you think that nearly 20 years in office makes a legislator compliant and not willing to create prosperity in his district? Do you notice that he never says much? And why should he? He has 85% of the vote riding on the coat tails of the Democratic party. If you anwered yes to these questions then don't vote for a Party, Vote for a candidate. Vote David L. Cossak for true leadership.

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