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Candidate for
United States Representative; District 26

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I approach politics quite differently than that of the others. I consider life experience and common sense much more valuable than degree's. I have experience in contratual law, ethical proceedures, negotiations, patience, common sense, concentration, child raising, health care, and government indifference.

I could list all the business and educational involvements that I have had but I don't think it would make much of a difference. Those who have had more schooling than I have had are in office and don't seem to be able to do what they were elected to do.

I am a leader. I get the job done. I will not get into debates on the right or wrong of issues. Instead, I will offer different solutions to what needs to be done and then do the one we decide to do. If it's not working, we will change to one that does work.

We can and will solve many of the problems we have in our district. We will start there and at the same I will represent our interests at the national level on what needs to be done. Please keep in mind, that I cannot do this alone. Sending someone to Washington and asking them to fix it doesn't work. There is too much temptation to become complacent and greedy. We give away our constitutional power when we let others decide for us. We have to take responsibility for our own district first and correct the problems. We have to set the example of what can be done if we work as a team. The time is now for us to change our involvement in our own neighborhoods. For those who do there will be financial rewards.

It's time to remove the fear of the "other guy." We are that other guy. The two party system has played us to fear other parties making us think they will destroy the country if they get in. So now let us put individuals in office that will work to make our lives more fruitful. Make a statement that you want positive change. Vote for David L. Cossak

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