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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Jose Luis "Joe" (Olivares) Camahort, Ph.D.

Candidate for
United States Senator

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My political philosophy is based on two original concepts: Resource Productivity and Socio-Capitalism; and an old reliable concept: the United States Constitution. My book, "Ending Poverty While Sustaining the Environment," may be accessed from http://home.att.net/~joe.camahort

Resource Productivity means exactly what it says; i.e., be as productive and efficient as possible with our precious and limited resources, through the optimum use of Digital Technology. Resources include human labor, equipment, facilities, energy, raw materials, etc. Most activities, products, and industries can be easily categorized as either Resource Productive (essential, beneficial, and value-adding); or Resource Consumptive (non-essential, frivolous, and wasteful). I will encourage individuals, businesses, and the government to be as productive as possible with our resources to achieve a sustainable environment. 114,000 people shouldn't be wasting their human labor working for the IRS, nor should 500,000 people working for the tobacco industry, etc. We need more teachers in our schools instead.

Socio-Capitalism proposes that government do only what government is good at; e.g., database management, bookkeeping, and computer security. PERSONAL financial services (banking, insurance, and brokerage) would be something that government could do reasonably well. The U.S. Treasury Department could provide these services free of loan interest, insurance premiums, and broker fees to Citizens with a valid Social Security Number (SSN). They already have a database with all the SSN information; and they distribute millions of social security checks, welfare checks, etc with few hitches. The banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms can continue providing financial services to non-Citizens, Professionals, businesses, and corporations.

Everything else should be done by free market capitalism. The U.S Postal Service (with its approx.1 million employees) should be privatized. There are private companies (UPS, Federal Express, etc.) who move paper and packages more efficiently and shouldn't be competing against a government entity. The only reason for the continued existence of the U.S Postal Service is to subsidize bulk rate mailings (junk mail). No private enterprise would touch junk mail at the ridiculously low rates that the Postal Service charges. If the recent initial public offering (IPO) of UPS is an indicator; then the Federal treasury can raise more than $100 Billion from the sale of the Postal Service. Money, that along with ALL the budget surplusses, should be used ONLY to pay down our $5.6 Trillion National Debt!

The thrust of my political philosophy is to end poverty while sustaining the environment; by using Resource Productivity as the framework, Digital Technology as the engine or muscle power, Socio-Capitalism as the brain, and the United States Constitution as the soul.

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