Orange County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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By Constance Betton

Candidate for United States Representative; District 45

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This is the start of the next 1000 years and everyone will be a part of the shaping of the 'vision' of how it should look. I believe it should reflect what this Nation was formed to represent. This I feel is;a more perfect Union under God, by respecting the rights of freedom, justice, unity, truth and peace.
Communities coming together to resolve the many issues with solutions and plans. Joining with other communities across the land of the United States this will light the way to form a more perfect union. With the aid of the government and the will of the people and wisdom of God's laws the 'New Golden Age' will bring harmony, trust, justice and freedom.

Now is the time to make the changes. I believe this is possible if we work together.

If the plans were developed for the issues we are faced with today, such as enviornment, health, hungry, children, and those who need care, the ballot issues could address a choice. I find on many issues I do not have a choice because the solutions are not available surrounding the issues.

This can be done, not as charity, with pay for the work involved for this transformation and the reward of working in a careers where everyone is needed and wanted and loved. With the patience, trust, determination and persistence for change, we can heal this great Nation.

This is my vision let me help you achieve your vision. Constance Betton

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