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Member of the City Council; City of Santa Monica

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Name: Jerry Rubin, same name as the late 60's peace activist and Chicago 8 defendant.

Age: 56 years old, or 56 years young if it's been a good day.

Birthdate: December 11, 1943, same birthday, but just a tad bit younger than Tom Hayden, the former Chicago 8 defendant, 60's peace activist and current California State Senator.

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA, proudly the "birthplace" of liberty and freedom.

Occupation: Peace Activist. Since 1979 that's been my occupation, vocation, profession, job and life-long mission. Sometimes, though, it feels like its been since 1879!

Marital Status: Married to Marissa Rubin, very peaceful, very artistic and very beautiful! We were married at a "Public Peace Rally Wedding" June 12, 1983, in Santa Monica's Palisades Park at The Children's Tree of Life, which we planted. We had our wedding on the first anniversary of the world's largest-ever peace rally, which took place in Central Park, New York.

Parents: Abraham and Betty Rubin. May they lovingly rest in peace!

Siblings: Bob and Marty Rubin. Bob (three years older) and Marty (three years younger). Both great brothers as kids and now.

"Children": Max and Muffin, our two peaceful cat children. Also, two more in "cat heaven," Pumpkin and Sweetheart.

Education: H.S.D. degree, (High School Dropout) and a Master's Degree in the School of Hard Knocks (foster homes; youth detention facilities; drug addiction; epilepsy, etc.). All seriousness aside, a very meaningful three years (1979-1981) at Santa Monica College. And, of course, over 20 years of peace activist "on-the-job training."

Political Affiliation: Registered Democrat, but actually I'd like to concentrate on something new that I'll dub "cooperative democracy."

Residence: 2035 4th Street, #103-C, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Drop on by. We'll all chat about the future of Santa Monica and the future of our planet.

Telephone: (310)399-1000, give a call if you can't drop by.

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