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Contra Costa County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
Directory of Contra Costa County, CA Measures
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Measure K. Bond -- Contra Costa Community College District
220,712 / 63.4% Yes votes
127,328 / 36.6% No votes
To meet the expanding educational and job training needs of Contra Costa County, shall Contra Costa Community College District (Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College, Brentwood Center and San Ramon Valley Center) issue its first bonds since 1948 in the amount of $236,000,000 at interest rates within legal limits to repair and renovate classrooms, upgrade science and computer labs, and modernize, construct, acquire, and improve property for, instructional and instructional support facilities, with a Citizens' Oversight Committee established to ensure funds are spent properly?

Measure L. Library Tax -- County of Contra Costa
233,301 / 66.1% Yes votes
119,707 / 33.9% No votes
Shall County Ordinance 99-51 be approved, restoring and improving local library services by increasing days and hours neighborhood libraries are open; replacing worn and outdated books and materials; expanding reading and educational programs for children and services for adults, seniors, and businesses; providing funds for needed repairs; and updating computers and technology, temporarily increasing the sales tax by one eighth of one percent, exclusively for specific library services and automatically expiring after eight years?

Measure M. Bond -- West Contra Costa Unified School District
53,918 / 77.5% Yes votes
15,697 / 22.5% No votes
To improve the learning climate for children and relieve overcrowding by improving elementary schools through building classrooms, repairing and renovating bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, leaking roofs and fire safety systems , improving technology, making seismic upgrades, and replacing deteriorating portable classrooms and buildings, shall the West Contra Costa Unified School District issue $150,000,000 in bonds at authorized rates, to renovate, acquire, construct and modernize school facilities, and appoint a citizen's oversight committee to guarantee funds are spent accordingly?

Measure N. Eliminate Elective Mayor -- City of Brentwood
1,028 / 12.5% Yes votes
7,183 / 87.5% No votes
Shall the City of Brentwood eliminate the elective office of Mayor and re-establish the procedure of selection of Mayor by the City Council?

Measure O. General Plan Initiative -- City of Clayton
2,598 / 44.4% Yes votes
3,254 / 55.6% No votes
Shall the Initiative be adopted to amend the Clayton General Plan to require voter approval for specified land use decisions involving ten or more dwelling units, conversion of more than two acres of contiguous open space to non-open space uses, and for proposed commercial developments involving 1,000 square feet of gross floor area or more?

Measure P. Excise Tax -- City of Clayton
1,527 / 26.5% Yes votes
4,228 / 73.5% No votes
Shall an ordinance be enacted which will authorize the City Council to impose an excise tax on use of gas and electricity by residents and businesses, for general government purposes and to be deposited in the City's general fund, at a rate of 2.4% per billing period?

Measure Q. Advisory -- City of Clayton
3,176 / 55.2% Yes votes
2,574 / 44.8% No votes
Do you want "The Grove" property (the one-acre vacant parcel in the downtown on Marsh Creek Road between Main and Center Streets) to be developed as a one-acre park at a cost of approximately $150,000 per year to include construction and maintenance costs and to be paid from any new general fund tax revenues?

Measure R. Public Planning Initiative -- Town of Danville
10,707 / 53.1% Yes votes
9,439 / 46.9% No votes
Shall the people of the Town of Danville enact an initiative ordinance known as the Danville Public Planning Initiative that would amend the Town's General Plan to create an Urban Growth Boundary and require voter approval for specified land use decisions?

Measure S. General Plan Amendment - Open Space -- Town of Danville
15,000 / 74.4% Yes votes
5,161 / 25.6% No votes
Shall the people of the Town of Danville enact an amendment to the Town's General Plan, known as the Danville Open Space Preservation Initiative, to preserve Agricultural, General Open Space and Parks and Recreation Land Use Designations and requiring voter approval for future general plan amendments to lands with those designations?

Measure T. Municipal Code Amendment - Legal Services -- City of Pittsburg
7,928 / 54.7% Yes votes
6,578 / 45.3% No votes
Shall the ordinance amending Chapter 2.08 of the Pittsburg Municipal Code by adding Section 2.08.031 providing for City Council control of the cost, standards and levels of legal services, and requiring the City Council to be responsible for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of legal services, be adopted?

Measure U. Full Time City Attorney -- City of Pittsburg
5,109 / 34.9% Yes votes
9,529 / 65.1% No votes
Shall the ordinance amending Chapter 2.08 of the Pittsburg Municipal Code by adding Section 2.08.035 providing for a full time city attorney with a salary of up to $125,000 per year, plus cost of living increases, and provided for city council review of the city attorney's office, be adopted?

Measure V. Additional Services
2,502 / 69.1% Yes votes
1,117 / 30.9% No votes
Shall the Town of Discovery Bay adopt the additional purposes of providing for the collection or disposal of garbage or refuse matter; protection against fire; provision of street lighting; provision of mosquito abatement; the equipment and maintenance of a police department, other police protection, or other security services to protect and safeguard life and property; to acquire sites for, construct, and maintain library buildings, and to cooperate with other governmental agencies for library service; the constructing, opening, widening, extending, straightening, surfacing, and maintaining, in whole or in part, of any street in the district, together with the construction and improvement of bridges, culverts, curbs, gutters, drains, and works incidental thereto, subject to the consent of the governing body of the county or city in which the improvement is to be made; to contract for ambulance service to serve the residents of the district as convenience requires; to provide transportation services; to abate graffiti; to construct, maintain, and operate flood protection works and facilities, subject to the following conditions: (1) The planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of flood protection works and facilities, or substantially similar works or facilities, is not within the authority of another public agency, except that a public agency and the district are not precluded from entering into agreements for the district to provide those services (2) The governing body of the city or county in which the services specified in paragraph (1) are to be provided by the district has consented to the district providing those services.

Measure W. Appropriations Limit -- County Service Area M-8
2,196 / 74.1% Yes votes
767 / 25.9% No votes
Shall the appropriations limit under California Article XIII-B for County Service Area M-8 be maintained at $600,000, as previously approved by the voters of the Service Area, and adjusted for changes in the cost-of-living and population, with the increase effective for the fiscal years 2000/2001 through 2003/2004 (inclusive) to provide for the expenditure of funds that will be available to the Service Area during the stated fiscal years?

Measure Y. CSA P-2 Tax Increase -- County Service Area P-2, Zone
2,556 / 53.4% Yes votes
2,232 / 46.6% No votes
Shall Ordinance 2000-26 of the Board of Supervisors of Contra Costa County be approved so as to authorize a special tax increase on property located in County Service Area P-2 (Zone B), from $18 to $36 per parcel for single residential property for the first fiscal year, and not to exceed $54 per parcel per year for single residential property in succeeding years, with corresponding increases for properties in other use categories identified in the ordinance i.e., small multiple residential, large multiple residential, and commercial/industrial/institutional), in order to provide additional funding for police protection service?

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