Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma Counties, CA March 7, 2000 Election
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Member of the State Assembly; District 1

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Full Biography, Provided by Joshua's beautiful and most gracious wife Lynei.

Joshua Gilleo was a Libertarian at heart long before he knew what the
Libertarian party stood for. Always interested in politics, he had heard of the Libertarian party briefly as far back as 1990, but it wasn't until hearing Presidential Candidate Harry Brown on a national radio talk show program during the 1996 campaigns that he became intrigued with the Libertarian party, it's principals, and philosophies.
Joshua began researching the Libertarian party on the world wide web. The more he learned about the Libertarian Party and it's candidates, the more he
liked what he saw. I remember him saying,`'finally a party consistent in its views, that has a solid belief system, and cares more about our country and it's citizens than about current polls and popular trends". Joshua ordered the free information packet from The Libertarian Party of Humboldt County, registered Libertarian, became a dues paying member, began attending local meetings, and volunteering his time to help the party in any way possible. He was elected Vice Chair of the Humboldt County Libertarian party, and is now a candidate for State Assembly with the goals of: 1. Reducing the size and scope of government, as is practical, in every aspect of our personal lives, and 2. Continuing to get the word out about the Libertarian Party, what Libertarians stand for, and how we can begin the process of turning our country around, regain the freedoms we have lost, and rid ourselves of the corruption and waste of Big Government.
Born in New York, raised on the North Coast, and having traveled much of the
nation, Joshua and I settled in Eureka, California, in 1996, the heart of Humboldt County and the Redwood Empire. We enjoyed the birth of our son, our pride and joy, in 1997. Joshua is a General Building Contractor and Pest Control Inspector for a local company. We are a middle class family, working to make ends meet and provide a better life for our son, future children, and grandchildren. Joshua believes in and loves this country, and wants his son and future generations to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the way our founding fathers envisioned it... with liberty and justice for all!

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